Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.000.00.M.027G
Credits: 3.00
Department: Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management
Lecturer: PhD, Assis. Prof., Petrushka Kateryna
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of the discipline "Ecology" to form a system of knowledge about the basic laws of interaction between man, society and nature; features of the impact of anthropogenic factors on the natural environment; methods of managing nature management processes.
Завдання: The study of an educational discipline involves the formation of competencies in students of education: integral competence: INT. The ability to solve complex specialized tasks and solve practical problems in the field of ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature use, or in the learning process, which involves the application of basic theories and methods of environmental sciences, and are characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of conditions. general competences: ZK 02. Knowledge and understanding of the subject area and professional activity. ZK 08. The ability to realize one's rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to realize the values of a civil (free democratic) society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen in Ukraine. professional competences: FC 14. Acquiring skills in the student's research work thanks to the organization of work with scientific and technical documentation, the use of modern information resources for environmental research and the design of publications.
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the academic discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: AiV 2. The ability to realize the need for lifelong learning in order to deepen the acquired and acquire new professional knowledge.
Required prior and related subjects: Biology and microbiology Entry to the profession Hydrology Ecology of landscapes and soil science
Summary of the subject: The program of the discipline "Ecology" provides for the study of patterns of formation, existence and functioning of biological systems at all levels - from organisms to the biosphere - and their interaction with external conditions; acquaints with the impact of air, soil and water pollution on people, animals and agriculture. culture; considers measures to preserve soil cover, acquaints with aspects of waste-free production.
Опис: Subject, method, essence and tasks of ecology. The biosphere is the global ecosystem of the Earth. Global environmental problems. Ecosystem level of matter organization The atmosphere is the air envelope of the Earth Anthropogenic impact on the environment. Atmospheric pollution. Environmental safety of the hydrosphere The lithosphere and its protection. Theoretical foundations of biological methods of cleaning industrial emissions. Human ecology. Ecological and economic aspects of rational nature management and the legal system of environmental safety management. International integration in the field of ecology. Ecological monitoring of the environment. Environmental quality control in Ukraine. Environmental security and environmental risks World environmental policy
Assessment methods and criteria: The means of evaluation and methods of demonstrating learning results are: assessment; tests; presentations; team projects; speeches at scientific events; reports Forms of current control: oral survey, written or computer thematic testing, presentations at seminar classes. Form of control: computer testing or written work. Form of final semester control: credit.
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Current control, oral examination, reference work (40%) Final Examination (control measure, differentiated test): written-oral form (60%).
Recommended books: Екологія: підручник для студентів вищих навчальних закладів / кол. авторів; за загальною ред. О. Є. Пахомова; худож.-оформлювач Г. В. Кісель. — Харків: Фоліо, 2014. — 666 с. Загальна екологія : підручник / Л.І. Соломенко, В.М. Боголюбов, А.М. Волох ; вид. друге випр. і доп. – Херсон : ОЛДІ-ПЛЮС, 2018. – 352 с. Худоба В. Екологія : навч.-метод. посіб. / Володимир Худоба, Юлія Чикайло. – Львів : ЛДУФК, 2016. – 92 с. Дячок В.В., Попович О.Р., Захарко Я.М. Основи екології .// Друкарня академії сухопутних військ ім. гетьмана П. Сагайдачного, 2008.