Enterprise Economic Activities

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.00.O.017
Credits: 5.00
Department: Business Economics and Investment
Lecturer: Prof. Emelyanov Alexander Yu.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The purpose of studying the discipline "Economics of the enterprise" is the formation in students of a system of theoretical knowledge, skills and practical work skills regarding the methods of organizing effective management at the enterprise level;
Завдання: General competences (CG): ZK03. Ability to plan and manage time. Special (professional, subject) competences of the specialty (SK): SK07. Ability to compile and analyze financial statements. SK16. The ability to find out cause-and-effect relationships, analyze external and internal information for the formation of financial plans, development of elements of product, price, sales, credit, tax, investment policy of business entities, including financial institutions.
Learning outcomes: Know: - Patterns of operation and features of enterprise development; - Basic concepts, categories of business economics, their interconnection and management tools; - Method of calculation, analysis and planning of key indicators activity of enterprise. Be able: - Identify and analyze trends in key performance indicators companies on macro - and micro level; - Calculated on the basis of standard operating procedures and regulatory base basic economic performance of enterprises; - Search for information and carry out data processing, analysis for solving problems; - Use different sources of information for management solutions to improve the efficiency of enterprises; - Develop plans-projects based enterprise development regulatory, resource, administrative and other restrictions. Know: - Modern methods of calculation, analysis and planning indicators describing the activities of businesses; - Independent work skills, and self-organization of economic calculations related to the activities of enterprises; - Research methodology economic processes of the enterprise.
Required prior and related subjects: Microeconomics Management Finances of diversified enterprises Finance, money and credit Theory of taxation
Summary of the subject: Mastering the discipline "Economics of the enterprise" allows you to gain thorough knowledge about the peculiarities of the functioning of the internal economic mechanism of the enterprise and the influence of the external environment on it; forms and methods of enterprise management; the composition and indicators of the use of production and other resources; regularities in the formation of costs and results of enterprise activity; factors of the enterprise's economic development, in particular, the means and forms of its investment and innovation activities. The lecture form of education is combined with various types of practical and seminar classes, which consolidate and deepen the knowledge received at the lectures, which contributes to the development of skills and practical skills. A necessary element of successful assimilation of the educational material of the discipline is the independent work of students with economic literature, normative acts on issues of state regulation of the economy. All this will allow future bachelors to master the modern basics of economic thinking, all the variety of forms and methods of management, the ability to work in crisis and extreme situations. In the educational process, it is recommended to use legal information and reference systems and packages of applied programs to solve tasks in this discipline.
Опис: Theories of enterise and foundations of entrepreneurship; Types of enterprises, their organizational legal forms; External environment of enterprises; Structure and business of enterprise; Market and products; Planning activities of enterprise; Personnel, productivity and wages; Capital of enterprise; Investments; Innovative activity; Technical and technological base and production capacity; The organization of production and assurance of product quality; Costs of production and offtake; Financial and economic results of the enterprise; The development of enterprises, modern models, transformation and restructuring; Economic security and anti-crisis activity.
Assessment methods and criteria: solving tasks, verbal questioning, tests (30%) final test (70% control test exam): written, verbal form (70%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: The complex written assignment consists of questions of three levels of difficulty: 15 questions of the first level of difficulty, 2 questions of the second level of difficulty and 1 question of the third level of difficulty. The maximum score for the written component is 60 points. The oral component is evaluated at a maximum of 15 points. The total score according to the examination control is 75 points. For the 1st level, 2 points are awarded for a correct answer; 0 points for an incorrect answer. For the 2nd level of difficulty, 8 points are awarded for a complete answer; 4 points for an incomplete answer; 0 points for an incorrect answer. For the 3rd level of difficulty, 14 points are awarded for a complete answer; 7 points – for an incomplete answer; 0 points for an incorrect answer. Auxiliary materials and means that can be used during control are not recommended. The time to complete the written assignment is 90 minutes.
Recommended books: 1. Економіка підприємства : підручник / під заг. ред. д.е.н., проф. Ковальської Л.Л., проф. Кривов’язюка І.В. Київ : Кондор, 2020. 700 с. 2. Економіка підприємства: навчальний посібник / О.І. Лисак, Л.О. Андрєєва, Л.О.Болтянська. – Мелітополь: Люкс, 2020. 272 с. 3. О.Я.Загорецька, О.Ю.Ємельянов, В.М.Мельник, О.І.Гудзь. Електронний навчально-методичний комплекс «Економіка підприємства». Віртуальне середовище НУЛП. Сертифікат №00200. 2013. 4. Економіка підприємства: навч.-метод. посіб. для самост. вивч. дисц./ Г.О.Швиданенко, О.С.Федонін, О.Г. Мендрул та ін.; за заг. ред. Г.О.Швиданенко. - К.: КНЕУ, 2009. – 439с. 5. Економіка підприємства : підручник / за заг. ред. С. Ф. Покропивного. - 3-є вид., перероб. та доп. - К. : КНЕУ, 2016. - 528 с. 6. Економіка підприємства: навч.пос. / В.В.Козик, О.Ю.Ємельянов, О.Я. Загорецька [та ін.]. – Львів: Вид-во «Простір-М», 2017. – 406 с.