Insurance Services

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 6.072.03.E.069
Credits: 7.00
Department: Finance
Lecturer: Assistant professor Iryna Kondrat
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Students acquire basic theoretical knowledge on the theory and practice of the work of insurance companies to ensure the needs of legal entities and citizens in insurance services, the formation of theoretical and practical knowledge on the order and procedure of concluding insurance agreements on the main types of personal, property insurance, liability insurance, determining the amount of insurance premiums and insurance indemnity, understanding the general patterns of development of the modern insurance market, including in the conditions of martial law, and its connection with other sectors of the financial market.
Завдання: Formation and development of students' competencies: general competences: Ability to work in a team. Ability to communicate with representatives of other professions of groups of different levels (with experts from other fields of knowledge/types of economic activity). professional competences: Ability to apply knowledge of legislation in the field of monetary, fiscal and financial market regulation. Ability to perform control functions in the field of finance, banking and insurance. Ability to carry out effective communications. Ability to determine, justify and take responsibility for professional decisions. The ability to analyze the financial condition of corporations and determine effective directions for the development of financial and economic activity and the growth of financial potential. Ability to establish effective financial relations and long-term cooperation with consumers, financial intermediaries, investors, financial and credit institutions, insurance companies, using regulatory documents based on contract law. The ability to find out cause-and-effect relationships, analyze external and internal information for the formation of financial plans, development of elements of product, price, sales, credit, tax, investment policy of business entities, including financial institutions. The ability to analyze financial potential, use methods of assessing solvency and managing portfolios of services and investments of financial institutions, taking into account the state of the financial market and macroeconomic factors.
Learning outcomes: Understand the principles, methods and tools of state and market regulation of activities in the field of finance, banking and insurance. To have methodical tools for the implementation of control functions in the field of finance, banking and insurance. Use professional argumentation to convey information, ideas, problems and ways to solve them to specialists and non-specialists in the insurance field. Apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems and meaningfully interpret the obtained results. Perform functional duties in the group, offer sound financial solutions.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisite: Actuarial Mathematics. Financial market Co-requisites: Distribution of financial products and services. Financial infrastructure. Financial monitoring and anti-fraud.
Summary of the subject: The discipline is aimed at providing students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills for concluding and conducting insurance contracts for life and pension insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, business risk insurance, agricultural insurance, technical, financial and credit risk insurance, motor vehicle, marine, aviation insurance insurance, as well as property and liability insurance of citizens, including in conditions of martial law.
Опис: Insurance services and features of their implementation. The procedure for concluding and maintaining an insurance agreement. Accident insurance. Medical Insurance. Insurance of business risks. Agricultural insurance. Insurance of technical risks. Insurance of financial and credit risks. Motor transport insurance. Marine insurance. Aviation insurance. Property and liability insurance of citizens.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current control (oral questioning, laboratory work, control work (45 %) - final control: written-oral form (55%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Methods of controlling the knowledge and skills of the student in studying the discipline include: 1. Current control of the acquirer's work: • Test survey; • Oral survey in practical classes; • Discussion of practical cases and development of recommendations for their solution; • Performance of laboratory works and their protection. 2. Final control: Examination (written and oral component) Written component: Tasks of the 1st level - tests with one correct answer; Tasks of the 2nd level - tests with multiple choices; The task of the 3rd level is to solve problems.
Порядок та критерії виставляння балів та оцінок: 100–88 points – (“excellent”) is awarded for a high level of knowledge (some inaccuracies are allowed) of the educational material of the component contained in the main and additional recommended literary sources, the ability to analyze the phenomena being studied in their interrelationship and development, clearly, succinctly, logically, consistently answer the questions, the ability to apply theoretical provisions when solving practical problems; 87–71 points – (“good”) is awarded for a generally correct understanding of the educational material of the component, including calculations, reasoned answers to the questions posed, which, however, contain certain (insignificant) shortcomings, for the ability to apply theoretical provisions when solving practical tasks; 70 – 50 points – (“satisfactory”) awarded for weak knowledge of the component’s educational material, inaccurate or poorly reasoned answers, with a violation of the sequence of presentation, for weak application of theoretical provisions when solving practical problems; 49-26 points - ("not certified" with the possibility of retaking the semester control) is awarded for ignorance of a significant part of the educational material of the component, significant errors in answering questions, inability to apply theoretical provisions when solving practical problems; 25-00 points - ("unsatisfactory" with mandatory re-study) is awarded for ignorance of a significant part of the educational material of the component, significant errors in answering questions, inability to navigate when solving practical problems, ignorance of the main fundamental provisions.
Recommended books: 1. Elektronnyi navchalno- metodychnyi kompleks z dystsypliny «Strakhovi posluhy» dlia studentiv Instytutu ekonomiky i menedzhmentu, pershoho (bakalavrskoho) rivnia vyshchoi osvity spetsialnosti 072 «Finansy, bankivska sprava ta strakhuvannia». Ukladachi: k.e.n., dots., dotsent kafedry finansiv Kondrat I.Iu., k.e.n., dots., dotsent kafedry finansiv Shevchuk O.O., k.e.n., dots., dotsent kafedry finansiv Yaroshevych N.B. Elektronnyi navchalno- metodychnyi kompleks rozmishcheno za adresoiu: 2. Kondrat I. Yu. Strakhovi posluhy: Pidruchnyk / I. Yu. Kondrat, N. B. Yaroshevych, P. H. Ilchuk, A. I. Yakymiv – Lviv: "Novyi svit 2000", 2021. – 386 s. 3. Kondrat I. Yu., Yaroshevych N. B., Kalaitan T. V., Yakymiv A. I. Otsiniuvannia dovhostrokovoi stiikosti pensiinoi systemy Ukrainy ta perspektyvy yii rozvytku // Finansovo-kredytna diialnist: problemy teorii ta praktyky : zbirnyk naukovykh prats / Universytet bankivskoi spravy. – 2022. – T. 1, № 42. – S. 226–239. 4. Mintsberh H. Mify pro okhoronu zdorovia. Yak ne pomylytysia, reformuiuchy medychnu systemu / per. z anhl. Daria Prokopyk. – K.: Nash format, 2019. – 232 s. 5. Oleksandra Shevchuk, Iryna Kondrat and Jolanta Stanienda (2020). Pandemic as an accelerator of digital transformation in the insurance industry: evidence from Ukraine. Insurance Markets and Companies, 11(1), 30-41. doi:10.21511/ins.11(1).2020.04. 6. 16. Manko, B. A. (2022). Erie Insurance: Monitoring technology in the car insurance market and the issue of data privacy. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases.
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