Lidership and Group's Dynamic

Major: Business Economics
Code of subject: 7.051.05.M.011
Credits: 3.00
Department: Business Economics and Investment
Lecturer: Zarytska Oksana Leonidivna, Ph.D. in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Knowledge and understanding of the essence of the leadership process; Knowledge and understanding of the essence of group dynamics; Knowledge and understanding of the essence of communications and their place in the management process; Knowledge and understanding of the essence of time management; Knowledge and understanding of the essence of managerial work and methods of working with the team; Ability to form practical tasks in personnel management for enterprises of various forms of ownership, taking into account the current legislation of Ukraine; Mastery of modern techniques and methods of leadership; Ability to hold business meetings; Ability to make the optimal schedule of your working day.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Management Co-requisites: Innovative business development Economic tools for project management and programs for the development of socio-economic systems
Summary of the subject: Leadership and leadership in the organization. The structure of leadership and the theory of its origin. Scientific schools of management: origin and evolution. An effective leader - what is he like? Formation of a new type of leader, women's and men's leadership. Eisenhower matrix and its application in everyday life. Leaders of the new generation. Gender aspects of leadership. Team building. Rivalry and cooperation in team building. Seven stages of team building according to the Drexler-Sibet model. Development of working groups. Conflict management in the team building process
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (100): Practical classes - 20% Test work - 30% Final test work - 50%
Recommended books: 1. Вовк О. Б. Лідерство: навчальний посібник / О. Б. Вовк, О. Л. Зарицька, А. В. Симак. – Львів: Новий Світ-2000, 2021. – 195 c. (рекомендовано методичною комісією – протокол № 55 від 31.03.2021 р.) 2. Романовський О.Г. Теорія і практика формування лідера: навчальний посібник / О.Г. Романовський, Т.В. Гура, А.Є. Книш, В.В. Бондаренко – Харків, 2017 р. – 100 с. 3. Сергеєва Л. М., Кондратьєва В. П., Хромей М. Я. Лідерство: навч. посібн. / Л.М. Сергеєва, В.П. Кондратьєва, М.Я. Хромей. – Івано-Франківськ. «Лілея НВ». 2015. – 296 с.