Financial Rehabilitation of Enterprise Management

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 7.072.01.E.022
Credits: 6.00
Department: Finance
Lecturer: professor Bondarchuk Mariia
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Justify the choice of management decisions in the field of finance, banking and insurance and evaluate their effectiveness taking into account the objectives, existing restrictions, legal and ethical aspects. To substantiate the relevance of research, the possibility of achieving the goals taking into account the available resources, to make hypotheses, to argue conclusions based on research results. Use tools and technologies of modern management in the management of financial and non-financial institutions (financial controlling, budgeting, tax monitoring, rehabilitation, optimization of business processes).
Required prior and related subjects: Financial management, insurance management, financial services market, financial innovations
Summary of the subject: The essence of enterprises` financial sanitation and its procedure. Crisis business management. Controlling and its role in the financial rehabilitation of enterprises. Sanation audit. Forms, rules and conditions of the sanation of enterprises. Financial resources of enterprise reorganization. Financial recovery of enterprise’s balance. Economic and legal aspects of sanation and bankruptcy of the enterprise. Mechanism of sanitation, bankruptcy and liqudation of banking institutions. Mechanism of sanitation, bankruptcy and liqudation of insurance companies.
Assessment methods and criteria: current control: laboratory and practical classes(40%); final control (60% - examination control)
Recommended books: 3. Kizim NA, Blagun IS Zinchenko VA, Chang Hong Weng. Bankruptcy modeling of commercial banks. - H .: ID "INZHEK", 2003. - 220p. Русск. I'm from. 4. Tereshchenko OO Financial Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy of Enterprises: A Textbook. - К .: КНЕУ, 2004. - 412 с. 5. Financial sanitation and enterprise’s crisis management / Мariia Bondarchuk, Ihor Alieksieyev: Tutorial – Lviv:,2017. – 268 p. 6. Bondarchuk M. Management of sanation innovations as a part of economic security industrial and financial group: [Security of the xxi century: national and geopolitical aspects: [collective monograph] /[ Bondarchuk M., Bublyk M., Vivchar O.] in edition I. Markina. – Prague. - Nemoros s.r.o. – 2019.- Czech Republic.- 500 p. 7. Bondarchuk M.K.The need for an early warning and response system in crisis management of business structures.Scientific research of the XXI century. Volume 1 : collective monograph / Compiled by V. Shpak; Chairman of the Editorial Board S. Tabachnikov. Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles : GS publishing service, 2021. 430 р. Available at: DOI : 10.51587/9781-7364-13302-2021-001