Master’s Thesis Internship

Major: Finance, Banking and Insurance
Code of subject: 7.072.01.O.019
Credits: 12.00
Department: Finance
Lecturer: Ph.D. Lashchyk I.I.
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PR 03. Carry out adaptation and modification of existing scientific approaches and methods to specific situations of professional activity. PR 04. Search, process, systematize and analyze information needed to solve professional and scientific problems in the field of finance, banking and insurance. PR 06. It is accessible and reasoned to present the results of research orally and in writing, to participate in professional discussions. PR 07. Solve ethical dilemmas based on the rule of law, ethical principles and universal values
Required prior and related subjects: Research Methodology in Finance, Tax Management, Financial Services Market, Insurance Management, Financial Management, Financial Innovation
Summary of the subject: the structure of the report by the practice theme of master's thesis title page; content; introduction; Section 1. SWOT-analysis; Chapter 2. Analysis of the financial condition of the topic; Chapter 3. Identifying and defining areas of problem solving (the topic of work); Chapter 4. Forecasting indicators (on the topic of work); conclusions and offers; references (if necessary).
Assessment methods and criteria: Monitoring the progress of practice on the basis of practice. Methods of knowledge assessment: control over the implementation of the internship program and individual tasks, protection of the report on the results of practice (100 points).
Recommended books: legislative and normative acts of Ukraine in the direction of the object of practice, monographs, periodicals and literature on current practice facility for areas of economic activity.