Knowledge Management

Major: Management of Organizations and Administration (by economic activities)
Code of subject: 7.073.01.E.047
Credits: 4.00
Department: Human Resource Management and Administration
Lecturer: Galyna Zakharchyn
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Students are expected to acquire following knowledges: - conceptual-categorical apparatus of the subject; - knowledge management process technologies; - classical and contemporary research and practice in the field of knowledge management; - basics of motivational mechanism for the creation of organizational knowledge and intellectual formation of the organization; - basic research methods and models of knowledge management. Students are expected to acquire following skills: - distinguish the specific characteristics of the knowledge economy; - Assess the intellectual and innovative potential of the organization; - possess basic concepts of knowledge management; - choose the best knowledge management strategies; - use knowledge in decision-making
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Enterprise economics; HR management; Labor economics and socio-labor relations; Corrections: Talent management; Innovative economics; HR Adaptation and development; Behavioral economics.
Summary of the subject: Knowledge management in the management system and knowledge economy. Corporate knowledge management. Concept of intellectual organization. Intellectual capital of organization: essence, structure, estimation. Classification of knowledge. Knowledge management and innovation. Life cycle of knowledge and its dynamics. Knowledge management technology. Applied aspects of using knowledge in making managerial decisions. Knowledge management models. Strategies for the effective formation and use of knowledge in the organization. Interconnection of knowledge management, organizational culture and human resources management. Institutional aspects of knowledge management.
Assessment methods and criteria: In class learning (60%): practical tasks, case studies, situational tasks, oral questioning, and presentations of student works. Final exam (60%, exam): test tasks.
Recommended books: 1. Наукова робота і управління знаннями : навчальний посібник / С.Ф. Клепко. – Полтава : ПОІППО, 2005. – 210с. 2. Федулова Л.І.Економіка знань:підручник/Л.І.Федулова.-К.:2009.-600с. 3.Захарчин Г.М. Управління знаннями : конспект лекцій / Г.М.Захарчин, Р.О.Винничук.-Львів: В-во Львівськох політехніки, 2013.-60с. 4. Ю.М. Мельник. Курс лекцій з дисципліни «Економіка та управління знаннями».-Суми:В-во Сум ДУ,2009.-147с.