Risk Management

Major: Management of Foreign Economic Activity
Code of subject: 7.073.04.M.27
Credits: 5.00
Department: Administrative and Financial Management
Lecturer: Bilyk O.I
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: acquaintance of students with theoretical bases of risk management, mastering practical skills of risk identification and application of risk management methods; acquisition of knowledge about the features of risk management, identification of factors that affect the risk; mastering practical skills of developing, justifying and making management decisions in conditions of risk and uncertainty; ? acquisition of knowledge on creating a risk management system. As a result of studying the discipline the student must know: conceptual and categorical apparatus of risk management; the content of uncertainty and risks and the main factors influencing the risks; the essence of the main approaches to determining risks; basic laws and principles of risk management; risk management methodology; features of external and internal risk management; technology of managerial decision-making in conditions of risk and uncertainty; the essence of the risk management system.
Required prior and related subjects: Management of innovation and investment activities Administration of public projects
Summary of the subject: The discipline aims to form knowledge and skills in the application of risk management methods that allow to justify and make management decisions on risk management in conditions of uncertainty.
Assessment methods and criteria: credit -100%
Recommended books: 1. Azarenkova GM Analysis of modeling and risk management (in schemes and examples): textbook. manual / GM Azarenkova. - Lviv: New World-2000, 2011. - 240 p. 2. Donets LI Economic risks and methods of measuring them: [textbook. aid.] / LI Donets. - Kyiv: Center for Educational Literature, 2006. - 312 p. 3. Starostina AA Risk management: theory and practice: textbook. manual / AA Starostina, VA Kravchenko. - Kyiv: Polytechnic, 2004. - 200 p. 4. Chornomorchenko NV Substantiation of economic decisions and risk assessment: teaching method. guide for yourself. study of dist. / NV Chornomorchenko, IS Ivanova, NS Priymak. - Lviv: Magnolia-2006, 2010. - 260 p.