Intellectual Property of Business Structures

Major: Business Administration
Code of subject: 7.073.09.O.2
Credits: 4.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: Nestor Shpak, Dr. of Science, Prof, Marta Naychuk-Khrushch, PhD, Associate Prof.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1) know the essence of the basic concepts and categories in the field of creation of intellectual property (IPR), acquisition of rights to these objects taking into account the peculiarities of innovation activities of economic entities, the main aspects and features of protection of intellectual property rights, management, etc. 2) be able to apply practical skills in the field of recognition, protection and evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of intellectual property with the possibility of their further use in domestic enterprises of various kinds, etc. After completing the course the student should demondtrate such program results: 1) demonstrate specialized conceptual knowledge, 2) identify problems in the organization and justify methods for solving them; 3) design effective management systems for organizations; 4) have the skills to make, justify and ensure the implementation of management decisions 5) to provide personal professional development and planning of own time; 6) responsibility for the development of professional knowledge and practices, assessment of strategic development of the team; 7) the ability to further study, which is largely autonomous and independent
Required prior and related subjects: Management Marketing
Summary of the subject: The concept of intellectual property system and its protection in modern business. Copyright and Related Rights. Industrial Property. International Classification of Industrial Property. Patent information and documentation. Industrial design protection. Trademark and Trade names for сompanies: the main issues. Economic efficiency licenses. Option contracts in the license trade. Risk factors for purchasing a license. Regional international organizations on intellectual property protection. Methods of valuation of intellectual property.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Current control (30%): oral questioning, lab works, performance of calculation and graphic work; - Final control (70%): semester control (written and oral component)
Recommended books: 1. Alexandr I. Poltorak, Paul J. Lerner. Essentials of licensing Intellectual property. - Published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. – Hobolen. – New Jersey.- 2003. – 240p. 2. Palfrey, John G. Intellectual property strategy. – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. – MIT Press book. -2012 – 172p. 3. International Bureau of WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): General Information, WIPO Pub. No. 400 (published annually) 4. Базилевич В.Д. Інтелектуальна власність: Підручник / В.Д. Базилевич. — 3-тє вид., переробл. і доповн. — К. : Знання, 2014. — 671 с. 5. Мікульонок І. О. Інтелектуальна власність: навч. посіб. / І. О. Мікульонок. – 3-тє вид., переробл. і допов. – К. : НТУУ «КПІ», 2012. – 238 c. – Бібліогр.: с. 228. ISBN 978-966-622-356-5 6. Бухгалтерський облік інноваційної діяльності та об’єктів інтелектуальної власності в науково-дослідних установах: Практичний посібник / За ред. В.М. Жука, Ю.С. Бездушної. – К.: ТОВ "Всеукраїнський інститут права та оцінки", 2013. – 194 с. 7. Основи інтелектуальної власності : навч. посіб. / А. О. Бояр; Волин. нац. ун-т ім. Лесі Українки, Ф-т міжнар. відносин, Каф. міжнар. інформ. — Луцьк: Волин. нац. ун-т ім. Лесі Українки, 2010. — 265с.: іл., табл. ISBN 978-966-600-457-0.