Management of Innovative Development of Organization

Major: Business Administration
Code of subject: 7.073.09.E.38
Credits: 4.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: D.Sc., Prof. Odrekhivskyi Mykola Vasyliovych
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying a discipline, a specialist should know: Theoretical and organizational problems that arise in the implementation of innovative strategies, systems of motivational, economic, organizational and legal mechanisms of strategic management in international markets, have a general idea of ??the process of strategic management, become acquainted with the three objectives of developing a strategic plan: the formation of strategic vision, definition goals, strategy development, can use five major competitive strategies and diversification strategies. The trained specialist should be able to: conduct market research and identify consumer needs to ensure the company's long-term existence; independently determine the goals of development and support of the viability of the enterprise; determine the required production volumes, supply structure and suppliers in international markets; to establish effective relations with partners and regulators; the public to create a positive image of the company in the process of implementation of innovative strategies - the main "capital" of the enterprise; to create and constantly replenish its own data bank and knowledge that would provide justification for the decisions made and protection of information (commercial secrets) from competitors; to ensure the competitiveness of the enterprise through the selection of adequate strategies and accumulation (support) of competitive advantages, etc.
Required prior and related subjects: • Fundamentals of Management • Marketing • Macroeconomics • Microeconomics • Financial management • Business statistics • Finance corporations • Accounting • Marketing • Marketing Management • Analysis and audit.
Summary of the subject: Introduction Chapter 1. Conceptualization of the management of the organization's innovative development 1.1. Conceptual principles of management of innovative development 1.2. Global Trends in the Development of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Conditions of Economic Globalization 1.3. Market structure of the motivational mechanism of innovation development 1.4. Strategies for innovative development of organizations 1.5. Contemporary concepts of strategic management of innovative development  Section 2. Contradictions in the modern innovation environment 2.1. Theoretical foundations of complexity and contradiction of innovations 2.2. The latest history of innovation development 2.3. The essence of innovative jumps 2.4. The main factors in assessing the level of innovation in the economy of developed countries Section 3. Modern problems of management of innovative development 3.1. Modern principles, approaches and mechanisms of management of innovative development 3.2. Methods of management of innovative development 3.3. Innovation Development Management System Section 4. Forecasting Systems in the Management of Innovative Development 4.1. Forecasting the innovative development of the economic system 4.2. Forecasting periods of the most effective investment in the innovation cycle of technical systems Section 5. Management of innovative development of modern enterprises 5.1. Polycryptrial diagnostics of enterprise development 5.2. Enterprise management based on the concept of innovative marketing 5.3. System analysis of the essence and the process of making innovative decisions in the enterprise management system Section 6. Marketing in the creation and commercialization of innovation 6.1. Types of potential partners in innovation activities 6.2. Collaboration with customers in the creation and commercialization of innovation 6.3. Collaboration with suppliers when developing a new product 6.4. Mutual coordination of managerial decisions with intermediaries in bringing innovation to the market 6.5. An internal partnership in the innovation activity of an industrial enterprise Section 7. Resource support for innovative development of an industrial enterprise 7.1. Innovative capital of an enterprise: evolution, form, place, essence and structure 7.2. Methodical approach to the formation of organizational and economic mechanism of investment support of innovation policy of the enterprise Section 8. Estimation of the innovation potential of the enterprise 8.1. Innovative aspects of the assessment of the economic potential of the enterprise in the context of sustainable development 8.2. The coefficient of innovation potential as a factor in the development of industrial innovation 8.3. Estimation of riskiness of innovation potential of enterprises Section 9. Economic assessment of the innovative potential of a knowledge intensive enterprise 9.1. Methodology for determining the level of innovation potential at the micro level 9.2. Recommendations for assessing the effectiveness of using the innovative potential of a knowledge intensive enterprise 9.3 Practical implementation of the developed provisions on the example of NU "Lviv Polytechnic" Section 10. Features of management of innovative development of small and medium enterprises 10.1. Management of choice of strategies for innovative development of small and medium enterprises 10.2 Approaches to the selection of managerial decisions taking into account innovative risks for small and medium enterprises Chapter 11. Organizational and economic bases of management of innovative development of regions 11.1 Organizational and Economic Mechanism for Providing Innovative Development of the Region 11.2. Positioning of regions by groups of factors of innovation development 11.3. Positioning of regions of Ukraine by the rank of the index of human development and the rank of the gross regional product 11.4 Formation of the strategy of innovative development of regions Chapter 12. Management of innovative development on the basis of environmental product life cycle 12.1. Theoretical and methodical foundations of system-structural construction of the economic mechanism of providing innovative development 12.2. Formation of the system of economic relations in the ecology of the product life cycle as a prerequisite for the provision of innovative development 12.3. Formation of criteria for environmental product
Assessment methods and criteria: - Written reports of practice work, oral questioning, work in virtual Lviv Polytechnik studying environment(30%) - Final control (70%): semester control (written-50% and oral-20% component)
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