Communication Management

Major: Business Administration
Code of subject: 7.073.09.M.12
Credits: 3.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: Gnylianska Lesya Yosifivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Specialized conceptual knowledge acquired in the process of learning and/or professional activity at the level of the latest achievements, which are the basis for original thinking and innovation activities, in particular in the context of research work; 2. To organize and carry out effective communications within the team, with representatives of different professional groups and in an international context; 3. Demonstrate leadership skills and skills to work in a team, interact with people, influence their behavior to solve professional tasks; 4. In addition to delaguvati, the same is true of the kerinnitvo; 5. The zrosumle is not a double-mentioned thing in the little visnews, and so I know that clarification, so it's a lie, to the fahvts, the nefahvts, the zokrem to the ossib, the yak to start; 6. The distance for the bottling of the professional know- the practitioner, the strategic development of the team.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerekvizit: management Korekvizit: international management
Summary of the subject: Theoretical bases of communication activities. Communication activities as a factor for the effective development of the enterprise. Management of communications. Analysis and economic evaluation of communication systems management. Planning and organization of communications enterprises. Tomotivateem ployees, control and regulation of communication sintheenterprise. Medical-scientific instruments of communication management. Essenceandfeaturesofrisksinthetransportactivityoftheenterprises. Methods of communication management and their mechanism transformations in management decisions. Methods of optimization of management decisions in the system of communication management
Assessment methods and criteria: currentcontrol (30%): independentwork, individualassignments, oral; - finalcontrol (70%): testing (50%), oralresponse (20%)
Recommended books: Bosak А. Methodofevaluationoftheeffectivenessofthesystemofcommunicationsenterprise//HeraldofKharkivNationalUniversitynamedafterV. Karazin, no. 719. Economicseries. KharkivNationalUniversitynamedafterV. Karazin, 2006. P. 49-56. ? N.SchpakFundamentalsofcommunicationmanagementofindustrialenterprises: monograph. / N. Schpak. – Lviv: LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity, 2011.-328 p. ? A.KolotMotivation: a tutorial. – Kyiv, KNTU:, 2012. — 345 с. ? G.Monastirska .Motivational component of the management of personnel in the modern Ukraine/formation of market economy: industries Sciences. OL. Is special. issue. Strategic imperatives of modern management: 2 tsp – part 2. – Кyiv: KNTU, 2014. — P. 385-395