Social responsibility in marketing

Major: Marketing
Code of subject: 7.075.01.O.8
Credits: 3.00
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Lecturer: Nataliya M. Mashchak, PhD, Associate Professor
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Know and be able to apply in practice modern principles, theories, methods and practical techniques of marketing. Be able to adapt and apply new advances in the theory and practice of marketing to achieve specific goals and solve the problems of the market entity. Be able to develop a strategy and tactics of marketing activities, taking into account the cross-functional nature of its implementation. Present and discuss the results of scientific and applied research, marketing projects in state and foreign languages. Be able to form and improve the marketing system of the market entity. Use methods of interpersonal communication in solving collective problems, negotiations, scientific discussions in the field of marketing To form a marketing system of interaction, to build long-term mutually beneficial relations with other market participants. Know and understand the importance of social responsibility for decisions, adhere to moral and cultural values. Know the modern concepts and technologies of integrated customer service using the criteria of system optimization of the market entity.fectiveness of corporate social responsibility;
Required prior and related subjects: - Co-requisites: Strategic Marketing, Marketing Management.
Summary of the subject: Social responsibility as a factor of sustainable development. Social responsibility of human, society and the state. Organizational and economic support management of corporate social responsibility. Forming relationships of employers with employees based on the principles of social responsibility. Building business relationships with external organizations on the principles of social responsibility. The environmental component of social responsibility. Social partnership as a tool for social responsibility. Monitoring of corporate social responsibility. Evaluation of the effectiveness of social responsibility. Strategic directions of social responsibility in Ukraine.
Assessment methods and criteria: final control (100%, differentiated test)
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