Marketing Management

Major: Marketing
Code of subject: 7.075.01.O.2
Credits: 4.00
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Lecturer: PhD, Assoc. Proff. Dmytriv Anna
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: To be able to adapt and apply new advances in the theory and practice of marketing to achieve specific goals and solve the problems of the market entity. Be able to develop a strategy and tactics of marketing activities, taking into account the cross-functional nature of its implementation. Be able to increase the effectiveness of a marketing activities of market entity at different levels of management, develop projects in the field of marketing and manage them. To use methods of interpersonal communication in the course of solving collective problems, conducting negotiations, scientific discussions in the field of marketing. Understand the essence and features of the use of marketing tools in the marketing decision-making process. Substantiate marketing decisions at the level of a market entity using modern management principles, approaches, methods, techniques. Use the methods of marketing strategic analysis and interpret its results in order to improve the marketing activities of the market entity. Carry out diagnostics and strategic and operational marketing management for the development and implementation of marketing strategies, projects, and programs. Manage the marketing activities of the market entity, as well as its divisions, groups and networks, determine the criteria and indicators of its evaluation. Know and understand the importance of social responsibility for decisions, observe moral and cultural values. Be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and methodological foundations of developing a comprehensive mechanism for implementing marketing projects. To be able to carry out measures for the systemic optimization of the enterprise's activities in the field of customer service. Generate information input and output streams using the Internet. Clear and unambiguous communication of one's own conclusions, as well as the knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students. Use of foreign languages in professional activities. Making decisions in difficult and unpredictable conditions, which requires the application of new approaches and forecasting. Responsibility for developing professional knowledge and practices, assessing strategic development of the team.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: – Co-requisites: Social responsibility in marketing, Strategic Marketing
Summary of the subject: Marketing management: essence, relevance and necessity of implementation in a market economy. Marketing management process. Marketing strategic planning. Marketing strategies. Marketing planning system. Organization of marketing management. Control of marketing activities of the enterprise. Ethics in marketing activities.
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (30%): analytical and situation tasks, verbal control. Final control (70%), exam - Written component of the examination (60%), Oral component of the examination (10%).
Recommended books: 1. Крикавський Є.В., Дейнега І.О., Дейнега О.В., Лорві І.Ф. Маркетинговий менеджмент: навч. посібник. Львів: Видавництво Львівської політехніки, 2014. 308 с. 2. Бондаренко В.М., Поліщук І.І., Шарко В.В. Маркетинговий менеджмент: Навчальний посібник. Вінниця: Видавничо-редакційний відділ ВТЕІ КНТЕУ, 2016. 224 с. 3. Войчак А. В. Маркетинговий менеджмент:Навч.-метод. посібник для самост. вивч.дисц. Київ: КНЕУ, 2015. 100 с. 4. Лепейко Т.І., Колик А.В., Кінас І.О. Маркетинговий менеджмент: навчальний посібник. Харків: Видавництво ХНЕУ, 2012. 103 с.