Brand Management

Major: Marketing
Code of subject: 7.075.01.E.33
Credits: 4.00
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Lecturer: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Nazar Hlynskyy
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the module, the student must: - Know and be able to apply in practice modern principles, theories, methods, and practical techniques of marketing; - Be able to adapt and apply for new advances in the theory and practice of marketing to achieve specific goals and solve the problems of the market entity; - Be able to develop a strategy and tactics of marketing activities, taking into account the cross-functional nature of its implementation; - Use methods of interpersonal communication in solving collective problems, negotiations, scientific discussions in the field of marketing; - To substantiate marketing decisions at the level of the market subject with the use of modern management principles, approaches, methods, techniques; - Use the methods of strategic marketing analysis and interpret its results to improve the marketing activities of the market entity; - To form a marketing system of interaction, to build long-term mutually beneficial relations with other market participants; - Know and understand the importance of social responsibility for decisions, adhere to moral and cultural values; - Be able to organically and effectively combine the tools of marketing, pricing, communication, and distribution policy of a commercial enterprise; - Clear and unambiguous communication of their conclusions, as well as knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students; - Use of foreign languages ??in professional activities; - Responsibility for the development of professional knowledge and practices, and assessment of strategic development of the team.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisites: Marketing Communications Policy, Organazing of Public Relations co-requisites: Advertising Management, Media planning
Summary of the subject: The concept of mark and brand The value of the brand Strategic basics of brand management Technology of brand development Features of branding research Market segmentation and brand positioning. Brand equity
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (30 %): review of case studies, work during practical classes, oral questioning; Final control (70%, exam)
Recommended books: 1. Закон України «Про охорону прав на знаки для товарів і послуг». 2. Зозульов О.В., Писаренко Н.Л. Ринкове позиціонування: з чого починається створення успішних брендів. – К.: Знання-Преса, 2004. – 199 с. 3. Келлер К. Л. Стратегический бренд-менеджмент: создание, оценка и управление марочным капиталом: 2-е изд. – М.: Издательский дом «Вильямс», 2005. – 704 с. 4. Райс Э., Траут Д. Позицирование: битва за умы. - СПб: Питер, 2017. – 256 с. 5. Траут Д. Большие бренды – большие проблемы. - СПб. : 2013. – 256 с. 6. Kapferer J.-N. New strategic brand management: creating and sustaining brand equity long term. – NY: Wiley, 2008. – 560 р. 7. Wheeler A. Designing Brand Identity. – NY: Wiley, 2019. – 560 р.