Master’s Thesis Internship

Major: Marketing
Code of subject: 7.075.01.O.20
Credits: 12.00
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Lecturer: PhD, Assoc. Prof. Kosar Natalya
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: PRN 1. To know and be able to apply in practice modern principles, theories, methods and practical techniques of marketing. PRN 2. Be able to adapt and apply new advances in the theory and practice of marketing to achieve specific goals and solve the problems of the market entity. PRN 3. Plan and conduct their own research in the field of marketing, analyze its results and justify the adoption of effective marketing decisions in conditions of uncertainty. PRN 4. Be able to develop a strategy and tactics of marketing activities, taking into account the cross-functional nature of its implementation. PRN 6. Be able to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities of the market entity at different levels of government, develop projects in the field of marketing and manage them. PRN 9. Understand the nature and features of the use of marketing tools in the marketing decision-making process. PRN 10. To substantiate marketing decisions at the level of the market entity with the use of modern management principles, approaches, methods, techniques. PRN 11. Use the methods of marketing strategic analysis and interpret its results in order to improve the marketing activities of the market entity. PRN 12. Carry out diagnostics and strategic and operational marketing management for the development and implementation of marketing strategies, projects and programs. PRN 15. Collect the necessary data from various sources, process and analyze their results using modern methods and specialized software. PRN 16. Know and understand the importance of social responsibility for decisions, adhere to moral and cultural values. PRNS 1. Be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the theoretical and methodological foundations of developing a comprehensive mechanism for implementing marketing projects. PRNS 4. Know modern concepts and technologies of integrated customer service using the criteria of system optimization of the market entity. PRNS 10. Be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of methodological tools for evaluating marketing decisions, their impact on the financial performance of logistics activities of the enterprise and its market position. COM1. Clear and unambiguous communication of one's own conclusions, as well as the knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students. AiV1. Making decisions in difficult and unpredictable conditions, which requires the application of new approaches and forecasting. AiV2. Responsibility for the development of professional knowledge and practices, assessment of strategic development of the team AiV3. Ability to further study, which is largely autonomous and independent.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Logistics Management, Marketing Management, Advertising Management, Strategic Marketing, Financial Management, Social responsibility in marketing, Marketing Policy of Distribution. Co-requisites: The fulfilment of Master`s Thesis.
Summary of the subject: General information about the company, its development strategies. Organizational support of marketing activities at the enterprise. Analysis of financial and economic indicators of the enterprise. Analysis of marketing product policy. Pricing policy analysis. Analysis of the organization of sales. Analysis of the product promotion system. Research of consumer needs with the use of cloud technologies. Industry research. Analysis of the economic portfolio of the enterprise. Carrying out a SWOT-analysis of the researched enterprise. Labor and environmental protection.
Assessment methods and criteria: - final control: 100%
Recommended books: 1. Балабанова Л., Холод В., Балабанова І. Стратегічний маркетинг: підручник. Київ, 2019. 612 с. 2. Косар Н.С., Мних О.Б., Крикавський Є.В., Леонова С.В. Маркетингові дослідження: підручник. Львів, 2018. 460 с. 3. Крикавський Є., Дейнега І., Дейнега О., Патора Р. Маркетингова товарна політика: навч. посіб. Львів, 2012. 360 с. 4. Крикавський Є.В., Косар Н.С., Чубала А. Маркетингова політика розподілу: навч. посіб. Львів, 2012. 260 с. 5. Крикавський Є.В., Третьякова Л.І., Косар Н.С., Н.С. Стратегічний маркетинг: навч. посібник. Львів, 2013. 256 с. 6. Маркетингова діяльність підприємств: сучасний зміст: монографія / за ред. Н.В. Карпенко. Київ, 2016. 252 с.