International Innovation Management

Major: International Business
Code of subject: 7.292.01.M.17
Credits: 5.00
Department: Management and International Business
Lecturer: Bala Olha
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: GLO7. Investigate and analyze models of development of national economies and justify measures to achieve their strategic goals in the transformation of world economic relations. GLO10 Understand the patterns and trends of the world economy and the phenomenon of the new economy, taking into account the processes of intellectualization, informatization and scientific and technological exchange. GLO13.Identify changes in market conditions under the influence of uncertain factors, carry out their comparative analysis, critically assess the consequences of ideas and decisions in order to predict the trend of global markets. Kn1.Conceptual knowledge acquired in the process of learning and / or professional activity at the level of the latest achievements, which are the basis for original thinking and innovation, in particular in the context of research. C.1. Clear and unambiguous communication of own conclusions, as well as knowledge and explanations that substantiate them, to specialists and non-specialists, in particular to students. АR 3. Ability to further study, which is largely autonomous and independent.
Required prior and related subjects: -prerequisite: International Strategic Management -co-requisites: Management of international competitiveness of the enterprise
Summary of the subject: The essence of development and the basic concepts of international innovation management. Innovation as an object of international innovation management. State regulation and support for innovation. Managing international innovation development of the enterprise. The system of financial provision of investment international innovative projects. Evaluation of the effectiveness of international innovation projects.
Assessment methods and criteria: final control in the form of a differentiated test based on the results of the following works: oral examination (20%), written examination in the form of testing (50%), defense of laboratory work (30%)
Recommended books: 1. Полякова Ю.В. Міжнародний інноваційний менеджмент: навч. посіб. / Полякова Ю. В., Макогін З. Я.; Укоопспілка, Львів. комерц. акад. – Львів: Вид-во ЛКА, 2015. – 239 с. 2. Мокій А.І. Міжнародний інноваційний менеджмент: навч. посіб. / А.І. Мокій; Укоопспілка, Львівська комерційна академія. – Л.: Видавництво ЛКА, 2004. – 308 с. 3. Скрипко Т.О. Інноваційний менеджмент: підручник / Т. О. Скрипко. – К.: Знання, 2011. – 423 с. 4. Чайковська М.П. Інноваційний менеджмент: навч. посіб. / М.П. Чайковська. – Одеса: ОНУ, 2015. – 380 с.