Digital Cartography

Major: Geotechnical Engineering
Code of subject: 7.103.03.O.005
Credits: 6.00
Department: Cartography and Geospatial Modelling
Lecturer: Associated professor, PhD Yuriy Andreychuk
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Ability using modern computer technology to create digital geospatial model. • Knowledge of basic concepts of digital mapping. • Ability to use computer technology to solve complex problems of information support of geographic information systems (GIS) and digital maps.
Required prior and related subjects: Cartographic
Summary of the subject: Essence, subject and object of discipline. Basics of the theory of information in digital cartography. The procedure for quantitative evaluation of the conditional sign digital map information. The principles of classification and coding on digital map information description; requirements for digital maps and technical basis for their creation. Technical means of converting information into digital form of maps and plans. Editorial preparatory and drafting work. Technical means during the main types of work on digital maps.
Assessment methods and criteria: - reports on laboratory work, oral examination, reference work (30%); - final control 70% (exam: written and oral form).
Recommended books: 1. Берлянт А.М. Виртуальные геоизображения. – М.: Научный мир, 2001. –55с. 2. Берлянт А.М. Геоинформационное картографирование. – М.: Изд-во МГУ, 1997. – 64 с. 3. Берлянт А.М., Ушакова Л.А. Картографические анимации. – М.: Научный мир, 2000. – 108 с. 4. Бондаренко Е. Л. Проблеми інтеграції даних у геоінформаційному картографуванні / Е. Л. Бондаренко // Часопис картографії. - 2011. - Вип. 2. - С. 42-50. 5. Бондаренко Е. Л. Геоінформаційна схема картографування / Е. Л. Бондаренко // Часопис картографії. - 2011. - Вип. 1. - С. 58-64.