Master’s Thesis Defence

Major: Geotechnical Engineering
Code of subject: 7.103.03.O.014
Credits: 3.00
Department: Engineering Geodesy
Lecturer: Head of the commission – Volchko Petro Ivanovych commission members: Professor: Tserklevych Anatoliy Leontiyovych, Аssociate professor: Smirnova Olha Mykolayivna, Petrov Sergij Leonidovych, Bubniak Ihor Mykolaiovych Asistant professor: Korliatovych Tetiana Yuriivna (EC secretary), Shylo Yevhenii Oleksandrovych
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • the ability to report and discuss in ukrainian and one of foreign languages; • the ability to clearly and explicitly repot substantiated own conclusions and knowledge to specialists and non-specialists; • the ability to evaluate the results and reasonably defend the conclutions.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: • Research Practice on the Theme of Master’s Thesis; • Master thesis preparation.
Summary of the subject: Justification of the relevance, aim and tasks of the master qualification work. The analysis of existing studies and theoretical foundations coverage of chosen theme. Technological scheme of research. Characteristics of data. Algorithms for solving problems. Evaluation of the results quality. Conclusions.
Assessment methods and criteria: Master thesis
Recommended books: 1. Збірник нормативних документів національного університету “Львівська політехніка”. Львів: Видавництво ЛП, 2013. – 804 с. 2. Положення про атестацію здобувачів вищої освіти та роботу екзаменаційних комісій Національного університету «Львівська політехніка». Львів: Видавництво ЛП, 2015. – 36