Advanced Technologies in Cadastre and Land Management

Major: Geospatial Modeling
Code of subject: 7.193.02.M.026
Credits: 5.00
Department: Cadastre of Territory
Lecturer: Dr. Econ., Professor Kuryltsiv Roman
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Ability to learn to perceive acquired knowledge in the field of geodesy, photogrammetry, land management, cartography and geoinformatics and integrate them with existing ones. 2. Ability to produce new ideas, show creativity and ability to think systematically. 3. Ability to apply knowledge in practice. 4. Knowledge of scientific concepts, theories and methods necessary for understanding the principles of operation and functional assignment of modern geodetic, photogrammetric devices and navigation systems and their equipment. 5. Knowledge of basic legal acts and reference materials, current standards and technical specifications, instructions and other normative and regulatory documents in professional activity 6. Collection, storage, accumulation, processing, modeling and analysis of cadastral and land-use information. 7. Knowledge and understanding of methods and means of using geodetic techniques when performing works on land management 8. Knowledge and understanding of the methodology and methodology for conducting information and registration works in the cadastre, protection and use of land. 9. Use of professional terminology and forms of expression in the field of cadastre and land management. 10. Development of forecast estimation methods to support decision-making based on cadastre data analysis. 11. Analysis of methods of geospatial cadastral data for use in scientific and practical activities.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous: The basics of automation of cadastre and land management Land management. Cadastre of Territory.
Summary of the subject: Theoretical bases of application of geospatial technologies in cadastre and land management. Geospatial technologies in the field of normative monetary valuation of settlements. Geospatial technologies as a basis for the formation of the national cadastral system. Geospatial technologies as a means of making and visualizing design decisions in territorial land management.
Assessment methods and criteria: written reports on practical works, oral examination, reference work (50%) • final control (50% control measure, test): written, oral form (50%)
Recommended books: 1. A law of Ukraine is "On the State landed cadastre". // [Electronic resource]. Access mode. 2. Resolution of cabinet of Ukraine from October, 17 in 2012 № 1051 Kyiv. "About claim of Order of conduct of the Statelanded cadastre". // [Electronic resource]. Access mode. 3. G. P. Obi Reddy, S. K. Singh. Geospatial Technologies in Land Resources Mapping, Monitoring and Management. Springer International Publishing. 2018. – 638 p. 4. R. S. Dwivedi. Geospatial Technologies for Land Degradation Assessment and Management. CRC Press. 2019. – 392 p. 5. S. Kolios, A.Vorobev, G.Vorobeva, C. Stylios. GIS and Environmental Monitoring Applications in the Marine, Atmospheric and Geomagnetic Fields. 2017. – 174 p.