Project Management

Major: Geospatial Modeling
Code of subject: 7.193.02.M.018
Credits: 3.00
Department: Cadastre of Territory
Lecturer: Dr. Econ., Professor Kuryltsiv Roman
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. To know the methodology and techniques of project management. 2. Use market data to address economical, surveying and other tasks at the local and national levels. 3. Perform all work on the study, accounting, valuation and taxation of land and resources in urban and farm state land cadastre. 4. Apply project management methodology for solving problems. 5. Ability to plan and manage time. 6. The ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and skills to conduct experiments, collect data, modeling and analysis of the results, systematic thinking and apply creativity to the formation of innovative ideas in geodesy and land management; 7. Be able to plan and complete the research, using the resulting expertise to prepare and perform the research plan under the defined time frame; 8. Demonstrate knowledge of professional-oriented disciplines specialty; 9. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of design methodologies, relevant regulations, applicable standards and specifications.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous: Infrastructure of territories. Territorial development management.
Summary of the subject: Local development project management. Target groups, project idea, its results and product. Fundamentals of project analysis and project planning. Project resource planning, risk identification and project sustainability. Presentation of the project concept, its promotion and monitoring of implementation.
Assessment methods and criteria: • writing reports practical work, oral examination, reference work (50%). • final control (together 40%) • oral form (10%).
Recommended books: 1.Project management in public administration: a textbook / col. aut. ; for science. ed. Yu. P. Sharov. - Kyiv: NAPA. 2017. - 344 p. 2. Project management: textbook. way. / T.V Mamatova, V.M. Molokanova, I.A. Chikarenko. O.O. Chikarenko. - Dnipro: DRIDU NADU. 2018. - 128 p. 3. Chemerys A. Development and management of projects in the public sphere: the European dimension for Ukraine: practice. way. / A. Chemeris; Swiss-Ukrainian project "Support to Decentralization in Ukraine - DESPRO". - Kyiv: Sofia- A. - 2012. - 80 p. 4. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). - Fifth Edition, 2013, Project Management Institute, Inc. - 586 p.