Basics of Excursion Activity in Museum, Monument Protection and Tourism

Major: Museum, Monument Protection Activity and Cultural Tourism
Code of subject: 6.027.03.O.013
Credits: 5.00
Department: History of Ukraine and Ethnic Communication
Lecturer: doctor of history Svitlana Muravska
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the student must know: the main theoretical problems of excursion activities; the dynamics of the historical process, the patterns of development of the history of sightseeing; features of conducting and preparing excursions in different historical periods; the specifics of the development of sightseeing in Ukraine; features of excursion methods; terminological apparatus of sightseeing; the main problems of museums, monuments, and tourist organizations in excursions at the present stage. The student must be able to: • use scientific terminology; • understand the essence of the processes that have taken place in the past and are taking place today in the excursion activities of the museum, monument protection, and tourism organizations in Ukraine; • find and critically analyze the necessary information on the subject of excursion activities, apply the acquired knowledge to improve the excursion work of museums, monument protection institutions, and tourist organizations; • organize and plan excursion activities; • prepare the texts of the tour; • develop and conduct excursions; • make a technological map of the tour; • provide excursion services.
Required prior and related subjects: History and Basics of Museum Work, Fundamentals of Monument Studies, History of Tourism
Summary of the subject: Excursions in the system of recreational activities. Theory of excursion activity. Development of excursion affairs in Ukraine. The current state and trends in the excursion services market. Methods of preparation and the conduction of the tour. Professional qualification and basics of the guide specialization. The legal regulation of excursion activities. Marketing and management of excursion activities.
Assessment methods and criteria: Semester evaluation of student learning is carried out according to the total number of points (100) obtained according to the results of current control (50) and the implementation of control measures – exam (50 ).
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