Museums, Monuments of Local Communities as a Cultural Resource of Tourism

Major: Museum, Monument Protection Activity and Cultural Tourism
Code of subject: 6.027.03.O.043
Credits: 3.00
Department: History of Ukraine and Ethnic Communication
Lecturer: Kuzmin Roman, PhD.
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: To master knowledge of communication between authorities, public organizations and museums; formulate the importance of involving the public in the museum industry through non-governmental organizations that are called upon to promote the development of museums; be able to analyze the institutional and individual difficulties with which close cooperation between museums and society is associated and develop strategies for their overcoming; Ability to establish partnerships between museums and local communities.
Required prior and related subjects: Historical and cultural heritage of Lviv The history of the memorial business of Ukraine Cultural Anthropology
Summary of the subject: Cooperating with museums and NGOs to improve communication and profit making for investment in development; the concept of ecomuseum; involvement of the public in the daily activities of the museum.
Assessment methods and criteria: Methods and criteria of assessment: rating assessment on a 100-point system: current tests - 40 points (quiz, presentation, oral and written answers), final test - 60 points (written exam).
Recommended books: 1. Котлер Н. Музейний маркетинг і стратегія: формування місії, залучення публіки, збільшення доходів і ресурсів. Київ: ВД “Стилос”, 2010. 528 с. 2. Романчук А.В. Музейный туризм. СПб, 2010. 46 с. 3. Сапанжа О.С. Музеология: историография и методология. СПб, 2014. 111 с. 4. Bogacz-WojtanowskaE., Gawel L., Goral A. Szlaki kulturowe jako medium zmian w kulturze. Krakow: Attyka, 2016. 341 s. 5. Kohle H. Museen digital. Eine Gedachtnisinstitution sucht den Anschluss an die Zukunft. Heidelberg: University Publishing, 2018. 207 s. 6. Nowacki M. Badania nad turystyka kulturowa na swiecie: krytyczny przeglad publikacji z lat 2008-2018. In: Turystyka Kulturowa, 2018, № 5. S.52-79. 7. Rolfes M. Tourismus und Armut. Zwischen Voyeurismus, Aufklarung und Armutslinderung. In: Struck E. (Hrsg.). Tourismus – Herausforderungen fur die Region. Passau, 2015. S.39-58. 8.Vilkuna J., Vuorinen P. Museums as mirrors of society: a case study of Finnish museums. In: Museum Review, 2017, № 2.