Computer Science and Modern Information Technologies

Major: Sociology
Code of subject: 6.054.00.O.003
Credits: 3.00
Department: Computational Mathematics and Programming
Lecturer: Associate Professor of the Department of CMP Kohut I.V.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: РН03. Apply the provisions of sociological theories and concepts to the study of social change in Ukraine and the world. РН04.Explain the patterns and features of development and functioning of social phenomena in the context of professional tasks. РН07.Be able to use information and communication technologies in the process of searching, collecting and analyzing sociological information. РН08. Substantiate their own position, make and argue independent conclusions based on research and analysis of professional literature. РН09. Be able to develop a program of sociological research. РН10. Have the skills to collect social information using quantitative and qualitative methods. РН11.Present the results of their own research to professionals and non-specialists. Зн1. Conceptual scientific and practical knowledge. Зн2. Critical understanding of theories, principles, methods and concepts in the field of professional activity and / or training. Ум1. In-depth cognitive and practical skills, mastery and innovation at the level required to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of professional activity or training. К1. Communicating information, ideas, problems, solutions, personal experience and arguments to specialists and non-specialists. К2. Data collection, interpretation and application. АВ1. Management of complex technical or professional activities or projects. АВ3. Forming judgments that take into account social, scientific and ethical aspects.
Required prior and related subjects: Co-requisites: Introduction to Probability Theory and Social Statistics
Summary of the subject: The concept of information and data. The concept of modern computer operating systems, computer software of statistical and office worker workplace: text editors, spreadsheets, databases, presentations. Methods and means of statistic data processing and visualization. Internet technology in teaching and law.
Assessment methods and criteria: Performance of laboratory and homework (30 points), protection of calculation and graphic works - 20 points, current testing and final control work - 50 points, delivery of differentiated credit.
Recommended books: 1.Hlynskyi Ya.M. Computer Science. Workshop on Information Technologies - Ternopil: Textbooks and manuals, 2014. - 304 p. 2.Hlynskyi Ya.M., Ryazhska V.A. Internet. Services, HTML, WEB Design. Tutorial. Lviv, 2009. 3. Computer science and modern information technology. Online learning environment in LP NU. Sociology.