Management Consulting

Major: Sociology
Code of subject: 6.054.02.E.064
Credits: 6.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: Kozak Marta, PhD.
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: Formation of students' theoretical knowledge on the basics of management, preparation of students for effective and qualified administration of social services and social welfare programs, development of management skills
Завдання: The study of the academic discipline involves the formation of the following competencies in the student: General: ЗK 1. Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations ЗK 6. The ability to act socially responsibly and consciously ЗK 8. Ability to learn and master modern knowledge Special competences СК 1. The ability to operate the basic categorical and conceptual apparatus of sociology СK 2. Ability to master and use basic classical and modern sociological theories ФКС 2.8. The ability to apply consulting technologies in an independent assessment of the state and development processes of communities
Learning outcomes: Use the conceptual apparatus of sociology in educational, research and other areas of professional activity. Understand the history of sociology, its modern concepts and theories, the main problems. Apply the provisions of sociological theories and concepts to the study of social change in Ukraine and the world. Explain the patterns and features of development and functioning of social phenomena in the context of professional tasks. Communicate fluently in state and foreign languages orally and in writing on professional matters. Effectively perform various roles (including organizer, communicator, critic, idea generator, performer, etc.) in the team in the process of solving professional problems Be able to use information and communication technologies in the process of searching, collecting and analyzing sociological information. Substantiate their own position, make and argue independent conclusions based on research and analysis of professional literature. Be able to develop a program of sociological research. Have the skills to collect social information using quantitative and qualitative methods. Present the results of their own research to professionals and non-specialists. Know and adhere to the ethical norms of the sociologist's professional activity Conceptual scientific and practical knowledge. Critical understanding of theories, principles, methods and concepts in the field of professional activity and / or training. In-depth cognitive and practical skills, mastery and innovation at the level required to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of professional activity or training. Communicating information, ideas, problems, solutions, personal experience and arguments to specialists and non-specialists. Communication on professional issues, including in a foreign language, orally and in writingАВ1. Управління складною технічною або професійною діяльністю чи проектами. Management of complex technical or professional activities or projects Ability to take responsibility for making and making decisions in unpredictable work and / or learning contexts Forming judgments that take into account social, scientific and ethical aspects.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisites: • Social marketing co-requisite: • Reputation management in public relations
Summary of the subject: The program is designed for lectures and practical (seminar) classes. Seminar classes should consolidate the theoretical knowledge of students, teach them to independently analyze and compare the existing tools of social work, independently compile an algorithm for the activity of a social worker, taking into account a specific problem situation, make management decisions. The subject of the course is management consulting. The main methodological principles of studying the course are: scientificity, systematicity, comprehensiveness, accessibility, practicality, logic, clarity.
Опис: Introduction to management consulting: content and place in the structure of sociological knowledge. Basic concepts of management consulting. Retrospective analysis of consulting development. Management schools. Types of consulting services Organization as an object of management consulting. Consulting and changes in the organization. The process of management consulting. The concept of communication process. Consulting as an activity of consulting service. Structure of the consulting service Ethical norms and standards of practical activity of consulting companies.
Assessment methods and criteria: • The evaluation is carried out on the basis of the assessment of the level of competences achieved and the results of the bachelor's studies in the specialty "Social Work", using the methods of comprehensive diagnostics: the semester control (SC) of the knowledge of the students is carried out based on the total number of points obtained according to the results of the current control (PC), and the performance of the control of the event (KZ). 2. The information base, on the basis of which the means of objective control of the degree of achievement of learning outcomes are formed, is its subject matter, tasks for laboratory and individual works, a list of literature and methodical recommendations. 3. Assessment of the level of achievement of learning outcomes is carried out after the students complete the work program in its entirety
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: - oral interviews, participation in discussions and interactive exercises, - - presentation of the study project (40%) - final control test, written form (60%)
Recommended books: 2. Verba V.A. Strukturna konfihuratsiya vitchyznyanoho rynku konsaltynhovykh posluh. Visnyk Natsional?noho universytetu «L?vivs?ka politekhnika». Seriya: Problemy ekonomiky ta upravlinnya. Vyp. 683. L?viv, 2010. – S. 49–54 (in Ukrainian) 3. Honcharova M.L. Upravlinske konsultuvannya v Ukrayini: osnovni problemy, tendentsiyi ta napryamky rozvytku. Aktualni problemy ekonomiky. №2(164), 2015 (in Ukrainian) 5. Koup M. 7 osnov konsaltinga: Per. s angl. SPb.: Piter, 2007. (in Russian) 6. E. de Khaan. Besstrashnyy konsalting. Iskusheniya, riski i ogranicheniya professii: Per. s angl. SPb.: Piter, 2008 (in Russian) 7. Popova N. V., Hurova K. D. Upravlinskyy konsaltynh : navchalnyy posibnyk KH. : Vydavnytstvo «VDELE», 2016. 306 s. (in Ukrainian) 8. Upravlinskyy konsaltynh : pidruchnyk / Bezkrovnyy.M. F., Kropyvko M. F., Palekha YU. I., Ishchenko T. D. K.: Vydavnytstvo Lira-K, 2015. 336 s. (in Ukrainian)