Bachelor Thesis Completion

Major: Sociology
Code of subject: 6.054.00.O.047
Credits: 7.50
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: Savka V.E., PhD
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: The qualification work of a Bachelor of Sociology involves: developing skills to independently explain, evaluate, generalize social phenomena and processes occurring in the modern world, in particular in Ukraine; formation of sociological thinking and sociological culture, expansion of theoretical and practical knowledge by profession, their application in the case of solving certain tasks; identifying knowledge of theoretical sociology, branch and special sociological theories, methodology, methods and techniques of sociological research.
Завдання: Completion of the bachelor's qualification work involves the formation of the following competencies in the student: ЗK 4. The ability to be critical and self-critical. ЗK 9. Ability to use information and communication technologies. ЗK 10. The ability to generate new ideas (creativity). ЗK 11. The ability to realize one's rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to realize the values of a civil (free democratic) society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen in Ukraine. ЗK 13. Ability to plan and manage time. ЗK 14. The ability to identify problems and make informed decisions. СК 1. The ability to operate the basic categorical and conceptual apparatus of sociology. СК 2. Ability to master and use basic classical and modern sociological theories. СК 3. Ability to analyze social changes taking place in Ukraine and the world as a whole. СK 4. Ability to collect, analyze and summarize social information using sociological methods. СK 5. Ability to independently plan, organize and conduct sociological research. СК 6. Ability to analyze and systematize the obtained results, formulate reasoned conclusions and recommendations. СК 8. The ability to observe the norms of professional ethics of a sociologist in their activities.
Learning outcomes: Use the conceptual apparatus of sociology in educational, research and other areas of professional activity. Understand the history of sociology, its modern concepts and theories, the main problems. Apply the provisions of sociological theories and concepts to the study of social change in Ukraine and the world. Explain the patterns and features of development and functioning of social phenomena in the context of professional tasks. Communicate fluently in state and foreign languages orally and in writing on professional matters. Be able to use information and communication technologies in the process of searching, collecting and analyzing sociological information. Substantiate their own position, make and argue independent conclusions based on research and analysis of professional literature. Be able to develop a program of sociological research. Have the skills to collect social information using quantitative and qualitative methods. Know and adhere to the ethical norms of the sociologist's professional activity. Conceptual scientific and practical knowledge. Critical understanding of theories, principles, methods and concepts in the field of professional activity and / or training. Knowledge of theoretical and methodological principles of socio-engineering activities, including social forecasting, social planning and design. In-depth cognitive and practical skills, mastery and innovation at the level required to solve complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the field of professional activity or training. Data collection, interpretation and application. Management of complex technical or professional activities or projects. Ability to take responsibility for making and making decisions in unpredictable work and / or learning contexts. Forming judgments that take into account social, scientific and ethical aspects. Ability to continue learning with a significant degree of autonomy.
Required prior and related subjects: co-requisites: •The practice of Analysis of Non-numerical Data in Sociology prerequisites: •Reputation Management in Public Relations •Practice on the Theme of the Bachelor’s Thesis •Defence of Bachelor’s Thesis
Summary of the subject: A bachelor's thesis is an important form of independent educational activity of a student under the guidance of a teacher, in the process of which he acquires knowledge, skills and skills in conducting scientific research. Qualification work is a study of a problematic issue with elements of scientific research. It determines the general educational and professional maturity of the graduate, his scientific and special training, the ability to think logically and creatively apply the acquired knowledge when solving practical tasks, organize them in writing, gives the right to obtain a bachelor's qualification in the field of "Sociology".
Опис: Organizational aspects of implementation bachelor qualification work, scientific management, stages of work. Qualifying work as scientific research: requirements for work, study the content of research, theoretical, empirical and methodological base of scientific work; Preparation work for the protection, requirements for registration, the constituent elements of common rules for citations and references to the scientific sources used, preparing students for the protection and process protection.
Assessment methods and criteria: Defence (demonstration) of qualification paper (100%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: Evaluation of the bachelor's qualification work in the format of a public defense based on the feedback of the scientific supervisor, the review of the reviewer and the results of the defense.
Recommended books: • Методичні вказівки до виконання бакалаврської кваліфікаційної роботи для студентів першого (бакалаврського) рівня вищої освіти за спеціальністю 054 «Соціологія» галузі знань 05 «Соціальні та поведінкові науки» всіх форм навчання. В.М. Піча, В.Є. Савка, Л.Д. Климанська, М.В. Школяр, С.К. Андрейчук, У.В. Яцишин. - Львів: КСР, 2020. - 65 с. • Черниш Н. Й. Соціологія. Курс лекцій. — Львів, 2007.