Computer Science

Major: Social Welfare
Code of subject: 6.232.00.O.006
Credits: 4.00
Department: Computational Mathematics and Programming
Lecturer: Аssociate professor Berehova H. I
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, students must: - To master the competences and abilities necessary for work with information technologies of office purposes, in particular, to work out business text documentation, to perform calculations in spreadsheets, to create and maintain databases, to create presentations, to carry out graphic constructions, to search the information on the Internet; - to know the structure of data in computer science and methods of their processing, in particular, the methods of data visualization; - to know the possibilities and appointments of modern information systems in the branches of sociology, expert systems, technologies of work in local computer networks, cloud technologies on the Internet, training videoservices, means of distance and mobile learning and self-education; - to be able to explore models of educational, cognitive and professional appointment in the tasks of sociology.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Computer Science (basic school course)
Summary of the subject: Concept of information and data, modern operating systems of computers, computer software and workplace economist, manager and office worker: text editors, spreadsheets, databases, presentations; technologies of information modeling and designing, methods and means of processing and visualization of data; Internet technologies in teaching and sociology.
Assessment methods and criteria: Performance of laboratory and homework (40 points), protection of calculation and graphic work - 10 points, final control work - 50 points, delivery of differentiated credit.
Recommended books: 1. Каленюк П.І., Демків І.І., Клюйник І.І., Кравець І.Т., Петрович Р.Й. Робота з ПК. Операційні системи WINDOWS і MS DOS. Текстовий редактор WORD. Вступ в INTERNET. Лекції та завдання до лабораторних робіт. Львів, 2014 р. , 209 стор. 2. Глинський Я. М. Інформатика. Практикум з інформаційних технологій. – Тернопіль, «Підручники і посібники», 2014 р. – 305 с. 3. Глинський Я. М., Ряжська В. А. Інтернет. Комп’ютерні мережі, HTML і телекомунікації. – Львів: СПД Глинський, 2009 р. – 240 с. 4. Online educational resource.