Legal Regulation of Social Welfare

Major: Social Welfare
Code of subject: 6.232.00.O.009
Credits: 9.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: Associate Professor Stanislaw Andreychuk Kazimirovich
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Мета вивчення дисципліни: To provide theoretical knowledge and practical abilities and skills sufficient for the successful performance of professional duties in the specialty 232 "Social Security", which is provided, among other things, by this discipline and to prepare students for further research activities within the framework of the chosen specialty.
Завдання: СK 3. Ability to implement methods and technologies of innovative practice and management in the social security system. СK 4. The ability to critically assess the social consequences of policies in the field of human rights and sustainable development of society. СК 7. Ability to develop and implement programs of social protection of the population. СK 11. The ability to inform the population about the forms, methods and means of providing social assistance, pension provision and insurance.
Learning outcomes: 1. The ability to exercise their rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to realize the values ??of civil (free democratic) society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, human and civil rights and freedoms in Ukraine. 2. Ability to apply knowledge in practical situations. 3. Ability to communicate in the state language both orally and in writing in professional activities. 4. Ability to identify, pose and solve problems 5. Ability to work in a team 6. The ability to act socially responsibly and consciously 7. Ability to apply and integrate knowledge and understanding of disciplines of other related fields
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites • Teorie end history of social security. • Social security technologies • Pension provision in Ukraine • Current issues of social security
Summary of the subject: The essence of studying the discipline "Legal principles of management of institutions of the social sphere" is to acquaint students with the legislative principles of the functioning of the system of providing social services, delimiting the union of powers of central and local authorities (in particular, OTG) regarding the organization of providing social services. Acquaintance with the regulatory and legal framework for the provision of social services and directions of reforms of the management system in the field of social policy within the framework of decentralization of power and local self-government reform.
Опис: Conceptual principles of state management of the social sphere. The social sphere as an object of management. Approaches to interpreting the structure of the social sphere. Signs of the social sphere. Reforming state management of the social sphere in Ukraine. State management of health care development. Tasks and content of state policy in the field of health care. Formation and implementation of state health care policy in Ukraine. Health care bodies and health care institutions. Economic activity and financial support in the field of health care. State management of the development of the field of education. Tasks and content of state policy in the field of education. State-public management of education in Ukraine. Problems of the education management system at the local level. Reforming the education management system. Modernization of the legislative field regarding the state-public management of education. State Department of Social Protection. State regulation of the sphere of social protection in Ukraine.
Assessment methods and criteria: oral examination, written work (40%) final control (control measure, test), writing (tests) (60%)
Критерії оцінювання результатів навчання: report - 5 – correctness, logic, reasonableness, integrity of knowledge; – quality of knowledge – its completeness, depth, flexibility, systematicity, strength; - correct use of conceptual and terminological apparatus; - speech culture (literacy, logic and sequence of presentation); - the level of meaningfulness of knowledge - the ability to formulate independent evaluation judgments and theoretical conclusions. review, opposition - 3 – correctness, logic, reasonableness, integrity of knowledge; - the ability to present and review; - the ability to argue one's own judgments and conclusions during a scientific discussion. addition - 1 - a scientifically based statement that reveals the essence of phenomena, processes, patterns. written answer during classroom independent work - 5 – correctness, logic, reasonableness, integrity of knowledge; – quality of knowledge – its completeness, depth, flexibility, systematicity, strength; - the formation of general educational and subject skills and abilities - the ability to integrate and synthesize knowledge from individual meaningful modules and topics - disclosure of cause-and-effect relationships between phenomena, processes; - the level of meaningfulness of knowledge - the ability to formulate independent evaluation judgments and theoretical conclusions. express survey - 0.5 - a short correct answer without additional arguments. abstract and essay - 10 – the structure of the essay (introduction, at least two points of the plan, a list of used literature and sources, conclusions, content of at least 10 pages); - quality of sources of information and content of work; - the level of independence and the depth of meaningfulness of the introduction and conclusions; – level of familiarity with actual material, terminology and concepts; - the ability to analyze, compare, classify and summarize the material.
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