Defence of Bachelor’s Thesis

Major: Social Welfare
Code of subject: 6.232.00.O.046
Credits: 1.50
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: Shapovalova Tetiana Viktorivna, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: 1. Use oral and written communication in Ukrainian for professional activities; 2. Identify the causal links between the development of society and the manifestations of socio-economic problems in different categories of the population; 3. Apply methods of information collection: document analysis, surveys and observations; 4. Ability to apply the statistical, methodological and regulatory framework of the social protection system; 5. Apply basic knowledge about the basics of economic assistance to social protection facilities; 6. Use basic knowledge of the principles of state social policy and ways of social security; 7. Apply the means of social and legal policy in the field of social protection, basic knowledge of jurisprudence and legislation of Ukraine in the field of social security 8. To show readiness for interaction with colleagues on work, to make administrative decisions in the organization of work of executors; 9. To determine social problems and needs and the reasons for their occurrence, development trends, consequences, social status of certain categories of the population; 10. Analyze the effectiveness of socio-economic support of the population and make appropriate adjustments within the competence; 11. Analyze and assess the level of material and economic protection of different categories of the population 12. Determine the content of cooperation with organizations and institutions in order to involve them in social protection; 13. Apply the legal framework to protect social groups; 14. Explain current processes in the social sphere and social security; 15. Use relevant research and apply research skills in the provision of social assistance.
Required prior and related subjects: 1. Current issues of Social Welfare 2. Practice on the topic of bachelor's qualification work 3. Legal regulation of Social Welfare 4. Social Welfare technologies 5. Methods of accrual of social benefits 6. Workshop on Social Welfare
Summary of the subject: Main organizational aspects of performing a bachelor's qualification work: scientific management, stages of work. Qualifying work as a scientific-practical research: requirements for work, substantiation of the content of the research, theoretical-methodical and empirical bases of scientific work; preparation for defense: design requirements, elements of the work, general rules for citations and references to used scientific sources, preparation for defense.
Assessment methods and criteria: defense of bachelor's thesis (100%)
Recommended books: Методичні рекомендації до виконання бакалаврської кваліфікаційної роботи за спеціальністю «соціальне забезпечення»/Н.М.Зеленко -Львів: КСР, 2019- 55 с.