Assistantship Placement

Major: Sociology
Code of subject: 7.054.01.O.016
Credits: 6.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: assistant, PhD Yatsyshyn Uliana
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Ability to use information and communication technologies. Ability to use classical and modern concepts of teaching and teaching methods in teaching. Ability to communicate the results of scientific research and prepare scientific reports and articles. To diagnose and interpret current problems of Ukrainian society and the world community, their causes and consequences. Develop social research projects and justify their methodology. It is argued to present one's own opinion, to be critical and self-critical in discussions with opponents. Be able to analyze empirical data using modern methods. Prepare reporting documents and research papers based on the results of social research in accordance with the established requirements. Solve ethical dilemmas in accordance with the norms of professional ethics of the sociologist and universal values. Summarize the results of their own research in various forms (abstracts, articles, reports, presentations, etc.). Be able to collect, systematize and summarize social information in professional activities. Monitor and evaluate social projects and programs according to existing criteria. Specialized conceptual knowledge, which includes modern scientific achievements in the field of professional activity or field of knowledge and is the basis for original thinking and research. Critical understanding of problems in the field and on the border of fields of knowledge. Ability to integrate knowledge and solve complex problems in broad or multidisciplinary contexts. Clear and unambiguous communication of one's own knowledge, conclusions and arguments to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students. Responsibility for contributing to professional knowledge and practice and / or evaluating the performance of teams and teams. Ability to continue studies with a high degree of autonomy.
Required prior and related subjects: prerequisites: • Methods of teaching sociology • PR and socio-psychological technologies in the organization • Sociology of social problems • Modern Ukrainian society: a sociological analysis • Modern Ukrainian society as a society of risk • Philosophical problems of scientific knowledge • Organization of sociological service • Organization of sociological service in public and business structures
Summary of the subject: PThe preparation of students for the master's program involves the acquisition of pedagogical skills. Therefore, the internship is an important component of the curriculum for students of educational qualification level "master". This type of practice involves practical pedagogical activities in the process of assisting teachers in educational institutions. Assistant practice contributes to the development of skills of methodology and didactics of seminars, skills of work as a teacher, communication skills with the audience, work on methodological materials and more.
Assessment methods and criteria: Report, oral defense (100%)
Recommended books: 1. Babenko, S., Nenko, O., & Penkova, N. (2016). Vykladannia, zasnovane na doslidzhenni: yevropeistki vymir udoskonalennia universytetskoi osvity z sotsiolohii. Visnyk Kyivskoho natsionalnoho universytetu imeni Tarasa Shevchenka. Sotsiolohiia, (1, 2). (in ukrainian) 2. Bohdan, O. (2015). Shcho varto znaty pro sotsiolohiiu ta sotsialni doslidzhennia? Posibnyk-dovidnyk dlia hromadskykh aktyvistiv ta vsikh zatsikavlenykh. K.: Dukh i Litera. (in ukrainian) 3. Vykhrushch, A. V. (2019). Vykladannia dystsyplin humanitarnoho tsyklu v suchasnomu universyteti. Medychna osvita, (2), 61-66. (in ukrainian) 4. Postupnii, O. (2017). Vykladannia sotsiolohii v Ukraini: stan ta perspektyvy. Visnyk KhNU imeni V.N. Karazina. Seriia «Sotsiolohichni doslidzhennia suchasnoho suspilstva: metodolohiia, teoriia, metody», 38, 140-146. (in ukrainian) 5. Stavytskyi, A. (2017). Rol vykladacha-lidera u suchasnomu universyteti: navchalnyi posibnyk. (in ukrainian) 6. Tarasenko, V. & Chepak, V. (2010). Do pytannia rozroblennia metodyk vykladannia sotsiolohii. Sotsiolohiia: teoriia, metody, marketynh, (2), 170-182. (in ukrainian)