Management in Social Work

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 7.231.01.O.6
Credits: 3.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: prof.Klymanska Larysa Dmitrivna
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • to know: the theoretical origins of the management in social work; basic concepts and theories of management in social work; specifics of management in organizations in social work. • be able to: critically analyze theoretical approaches in the management in social work; apply the basic principles of modern management organizations in areas of social work • be aware of: the main directions of development and prospects of practical management of organizations in the sphere of in social work.
Required prior and related subjects: • Theories of social work; • Social Work with Groups and communities; • Social work with different customer group
Summary of the subject: Context of existence of organizations that provides social services; The organizations that provide social services and their environment; The organizational structure; The organizational change and development; The organizational design, administration and management of organizations providing social services; Financial management in organizations providing social services; Human Resource Management; Management of group processes in organizations; Managing volunteers; Organizational technology and information systems.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral interviews, participation in discussions, presentation of the study project (40%) • final control (verification event, exam), written-oral form (60%)
Recommended books: 1. Cournoyer, B. (1994). Basic communication skills for work with groups. In B.R. Compton and B. Galaway, Social work processes (5th ed.) Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing. 2. Hasenfeld, Y. (1983). Human service organizations. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. 3. Kettner, P.M. (2002). Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. 4. Lewis, J.A., Lewis, M.D., Packard, T., & Souflee, Jr., F. (2001). Management of human service programs (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.