Cultural Appropriateness of Social Services

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 7.231.01.M.15
Credits: 5.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: associate professor Stavkova S.G.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: By the end of the course, students will have: • An increased awareness of the meaning of one’s own assumptions, values, beliefs and cultural background when relating to clients from backgrounds other than one’s own. • Enhanced analytical assessment skills which acknowledge the contributions of ethnicity and cultures as factors in the etiology of client problems. • Be aware of current policies and practices affecting immigrants, refugees and minorities. • An understanding of the cultural roots of social work practice and policies and a heightened awareness of discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping as these exist in various situations, structures and policies. • The ability to analyze various models for the provision of social services in relation to the multicultural and multiracial context and to encourage innovative thinking which will lead to culturally appropriate and anti-racist social work models. • An understanding of multicultural, human rights, employment equity and immigration and settlement policies and the ongoing effects of these on the lives of Ukrainians. • An understanding that communication is culturally based and to acquire some theory and skills in cross-cultural communication.
Required prior and related subjects: • Crosscultural Issues in Social Work • Social Work Methods of Teaching • Methodology and Methods of Scientific research • Public Relations • Social Work in Health Sector
Summary of the subject: Definition of multiculturalism. Assumptions, values, beliefs and cultural background of students and others. Diversity in Ukraine. Immigration policies. Discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping within everyday life and the professional environment, impact on practice and policies, macro to micro level. Culturally sensitive and anti-racist model of practice. Culturally appropriate knowledge and skills required for effective multicultural practice with individuals, families and groups. Communication skills used. Skills used to be competent in direct practice, program and policy formation within a cross-cultural context. Assessment skills used in cross-cultural setting. Intervention and evaluation, meanings of helping, networking, individual and family work. Ecological, structural, and feminist approaches. Incorporation of cultural and racial dynamics. Employment equity for visible minorities. Towards an anti-racist social service organization. Tracking racism at the organizational level. Diversity and globalization.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Tests. Practical assignments and individual assignments - (40%). • Final exam - 60%
Recommended books: 1. Борисов А.А. Мультикультурализм: Американский опыт и Россия. / Мультикультурализм и этнокультурные процессы в меняющемся мире: Исследовательские подходы и интерпретации. Под ред. Г.И. Зверевой. – М.: Аспект Пресс, 2003. – 201с. 2. Дрожжина С. В. Культурна політика як проблема сучасного соціокультурного процесу. Автореф. дис. канд. філософ. наук. – Донецьк, 2004. – 17 с. 3. Козловець М. А. Феномен національної ідентичності: виклики глобалізації : [монографія] / М. А. Козловець. – Житомир : Вид-во ЖДУ ім. І. Франка, 2009. – 558 с 4. Кукатас Ч. Теоретические основы мультикультурализма/ Ч. Кукатас. – [Електронний ресурс].- Режим доступу : 5. Ушанова И. А. Глобализация и мультикультурализм: пути разития // Вестник Новгородского государственного университета. – 2004. – № 27 [Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу: 6. Хлыщева Е. В. Мультикультурализм и проблема диалога культур// Вестник Ставропольского государственного университета. – 2009. – №64.[Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу: 7. Abu-Laban, Y., & Gabriel, C. (2002). Selling diversity: Immigration, multiculturalism, employment equity and globalization. 8. Axelson, J.A. (1993). Counseling and development in a multicultural society (2nd ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole. 9. Devore, W., & Schlesinger, E. (1991). Ethnic-sensitive social work practice (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Merrill. 10. Green, J.W. (1995). Cultural awareness in the human services (2nd ed.). Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall. 11. Waxler-Morrison, N., Anderson, J., & Richardson, E. (Eds.). (1990). Cross-cultural caring: A handbook for health professionals. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press.