Managerial Practice of Social Inclusion

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 7.231.01.E.22
Credits: 5.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: Associate Professor Kozak Marta Yaroslavivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • to know: basic concepts of social exclusion, social justice and social inclusion; objects, subjects the policies of social inclusion; free social services that are guaranteed by the state at no cost to individuals who are in difficult circumstances; what is the meaning, goal and practice of social inclusion on the elderly, persons with disabilities, orphans, with AIDS; what is the meaning, goal and practice of social reintegration of persons returning from prison; know the basis of law in social policy; objects subjects of social support, stages, organizational and methodological bases of social support. • to be able to: be able to use effective strategies for interacting with different profiles, professionals and families, people who find themselves in difficult life situations; implement the necessary adaptation / modification in the implementation of social inclusion; direct or involve social service organizations, local communities that can help solve the problem of the client; be able to plan, prepare an individual work plan, analyze and assess the achievement of results in the maintenance of the family or people who find themselves in circumstances folding; be able to apply regulatory legislation in dealing with the client; have a methodical and methodological tools in identifying social problems of the client / family; be able to maintain records of social worker; advise clients, employees of public and private sector on the right to education, employment, social benefits and services provided by the state.
Required prior and related subjects: The issue of disability in social work Social Policy in Ukraine Theories of Social Work Methods of Social Work
Summary of the subject: Concept of social exclusion. Exclusion as a social problem. Social inclusion: conceptual approaches to the definition and values. The European model of social mobility: from exclusion to inclusion. Modern social policy and the principle of inclusion. Subjects of policies of inclusion: public social services. Subject’s policy of inclusion, community organizations. Legal aspects of social work in Ukraine to implement and uphold the rights of people who were excluded from public life. Practice on social inclusion of older people. Inclusive education: international and national experience. Inclusion and employment. Social support families in difficult situations as a method of social inclusion. Social reintegration of persons returning from prison. Social inclusion of HIV-positive people in society. Social support for homeless people. Planning case management. Social net in the family (person).
Assessment methods and criteria: Current control (40%): practical works devoted to the analysis of social problems and to overcome at public and private level in Ukraine, test examination. Final control (60% differentiated test).
Recommended books: 1.Аbrahamson P. Sotialna exclusia I bednost // Obschestvennyje I sovremennost. – 2001. – № 2.Т. 2. Bоjко М.D. Pravo sotialnogo zabezpechennea Ukraine : Navch. posib. : - К.: «Оlan», 2004. - 312 p. 3. Fuller Myers R. The Natural History of Social Problem // American Sociology Review. 1941 b. 6: 320-328.