Methods of Teaching Social Work

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 7.231.01.O.7
Credits: 6.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: D.Sc. in Education, Associate Professor Klos Liliia
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: formation of students' necessary competencies: - general: - Ability to solve complex problems and problems in the field of social work or in the learning process, which involves research and / or innovation and is characterized by uncertainty of conditions and requirements - Ability to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis - Ability to conduct research at the appropriate level - Ability to integrate knowledge and solve complex problems in broad or multidisciplinary contexts - Ability to develop, test and implement social projects and technologies professional: - Ability to implement methods and technologies of innovative practice and management in the system of social work - Ability for professional reflection - Ability to prove knowledge and own conclusions to specialists and non-specialists - Ability to express professional identity and act in accordance with the values of social work program learning outcomes: -. Assess the social consequences of policies in the field of human rights, social inclusion and sustainable development of society, develop recommendations for improving the legal framework for social work - Perform reflective practices in the context of the values ??of social work, responsibility, including to prevent burnout - Develop criteria and indicators of professional efficiency, apply them in the evaluation of work performed, offer recommendations for quality assurance of social services and management decisions - Demonstrate a positive attitude to their profession and comply with ethical principles and standards of social work - Organize joint activities of specialists in various fields and non-professionals, prepare them for social work, initiate team building and coordinate teamwork - Independently and autonomously find the information necessary for professional growth, master it, learn and produce new knowledge, develop professional skills and qualities
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites Examination of practical social work Professional support in social work Practice of social administration co-requisites: Methods and methodology of scientific research in social work Pedagogical practice Philosophical problems of scientific knowledge
Summary of the subject: The concept of a teaching method teaching profession. The content of education in terms of level of training of specialists. The essence and structure of the learning process. The specifics of the educational process in high school. Basic principles of training in professional training of future social workers. Methods and means of teaching in higher education. Innovative educational technology training in the social sphere. Forms of training in vocational and higher education. Preparation of the teacher for the class. Control, monitoring and evaluating the success of students in higher education institutions and vocational schools. Features of the module-rating system of evaluation of student achievement in the current conditions of entering the Bologna Process. Competence approach in education. Lifelong learning.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral interviews, participate in discussions, presentation and protection training projects (40%) • • final control (control measure, exam), written-oral form (60%)
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