Management Aspects of Mediation in Solving Conflicts

Major: Social work
Code of subject: 7.231.01.E.23
Credits: 6.00
Department: Sociology and Social Work
Lecturer: senior lector Bik O.Ya.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As result of study, student should: - understand: specifics of person behavior in conflict; active listening and effective communication techniques; areas where mediation can be applied; specifics of mediation in different areas; - be able to: apply mediation-specific communication skills; assess situation of each specific case in regards to applicability of mediation; overcome blocks in identifying undiscovered needs; preempt risks of anger/hostility outbursts, potential elements of harm; perform mediation process with all steps depending on area of application.
Required prior and related subjects: Prerequisites: Alternative approaches for dispute resolution, Interpersonal communication, Mediation and conflict resolution.
Summary of the subject: practicing of communication skills, used in mediation process; practicing mediation model application: preliminary private meetings, joint meetings: opening, interim and closing; practicing writing Record of Settlement; different training approaches in teaching mediation.
Assessment methods and criteria: - Formative assessment (60%): group assignment to perform mediation - Summative assessment (40%): oral and written course evaluation
Recommended books: - Blades, J. (1984). Mediation: An old art revitalized. In J. A. Lemmon, (Ed.) Reaching effective agreements.  Mediation Quarterly, 3. 59-97. 2. Fisher, Roger, William Ury, (1991) Getting to Yes, Penguin Books. - Kelly, J. (1996). Power imbalance in divorce and interpersonal mediation. Family and Conciliation Courts Review, 34, 373, 385. - Альтернативні підходи до розв’язання конфліктів: теорія і практика застосування / Уклад.: Н. Гайдук, І. Сенюта, О. Бік, Х. Терешко. – Львів: ПАІС, 2007. – 296 с. - Модель процесу посередництва: концепції, методи та прийоми: Посібник. 2- ге вид., доп. / За ред. А. Журавського, Н. Гайдук. – Вінніпег;Львів: Малті – М, 2004. – 151 с. - Шкільна служба розв’язання конфліктів: Досвід впровадження. – К.: УЦП, 2007. – 88 с.