General Psychology, Part 2

Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.00.O.11
Credits: 6.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: Candidate of Psychological Sciences Kochergina Irina
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - know basic directions, schools and concepts of modern psychology; the nature of mental development rights; mental link with the central nervous system of a person; mental concepts in psychological science; the relationship of the human psyche with its brain, nervous system and the environment; - Methodological foundations of psychology; the essence of the human individual as a carrier of mind, its psychological structure; the nature and content of the human psyche, its structure, functioning algorithm as an integrated, synergistic complex system; properties of the human psyche. - be able to distinguish between different psychic phenomena and facts; operate various psychological concepts in the proof or denial of certain thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc; analizate psychic phenomena and processes, to establish causal relationships between them, to identify trends in their development; new theoretical and methodological developments in general psychology; with features study of personality in modern psychology and mental processes, states and properties structures and so on.
Required prior and related subjects: - Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system; - Psychology of Personality.
Summary of the subject: The development of psychology. Psychological areas, schools and concepts. The object and purpose of modern psychology. Man, his central nervous system, brain and psyche. Psychic norm and deviation. Methodology, principles and methods of psychology. The psychic personality structure, general characteristics. Man and his life. The human psyche and mental. Biopyshichna substructure of personality. Mental-psychic substructure of personality. Intraindyvidualna substructure of personality. Feeling. Perception. Memory. Thinking. Thinking and intelligence. Imagination. General description of emotions and feelings. Characteristics of different emotions. Understanding the emotions of another person f control emotions. Characteristics of different feelings. Emotsino conditioned behavior and emotional types. Professional, age, sex and pathological features of the emotional sphere of personality. Will. Ability. Sotsiopsyhichna substructure of personality. Substructure "self-consciousness". Mental states. Warning. Activity. Psychomotor. Psychology of learning. Language and speech. Psycho-Linguistics.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current control (40%): written reports of practical work, oral examination. - final control (60% of exam): the maximum score - 100 points.
Recommended books: 1. Варій М. Й. Загальна психологія : підручник / М. Й. Варій ; Львів. держ. ун-т безпеки життєдіяльності. – 4- те вид., виправл. і доповн. – К. : Знання, 2014. – 1047 с. 2. Варій М. Й. Загальна психологія : підручник : у 2 т. / М. Й. Варій. – 5- те вид., виправл. і доповн. – Л. : Апріорі, 2016. – Т. 1. – 382 с. 3. Варій М. Й. Загальна психологія : підручник : у 2 т. / М. Й. Варій. – 5- те вид., виправл. і доповн. – Л. : Апріорі, 2016. – Т. 2. – 358 с. 4. Загальна психологія: Підруч. для студ. вищ. навч. закладів / За заг. ред. акад. С.Д. Максименка. – К.: Форум, 2000. – 544 с. 5. Максименко С.Д. Загальна психологія: Навчальний посібник / Видання друге, перероблене та доповнене. – Київ: «Центр учбової літератури», 2004. – 272 с.