Political Science

Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.00.M.43
Credits: 3.00
Department: Political Science and International Relations
Lecturer: Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Halyna Lutsyshyn
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: knowledge and understanding of basic concepts, categories, terms and concepts of political science; understanding of political phenomena and processes, characteristics, structure and political system functioning; knowledge of political ideologies, political parties and basics of political activity; knowledge of the essence, features, functions and forms of the state as the key institution of the political system; basic knowledge of state government in Ukraine; understanding of foreign policy and international relations; ability to analyze current problems of the political life of Ukraine and defend argumentatively own citizenship; ability to apply political knowledge in professional and social activities, form and defend own point of view on the development of political processes in Ukraine and in the world.
Required prior and related subjects: History of Ukrainian statehood and culture Philosophy
Summary of the subject: Politics and political science: subject, functions and methods of political science, policy actors. Political power and political system. The process of political socialization. Political participation and its forms. Institute of political leadership. Political parties, party and electoral system. The democratic principles of elections. State and civil society. The rule of law and civil society. Political regimes: democracy and democratic political regimes. Undemocratic political regimes. The system of governance in Ukraine: structure and powers of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the constitutional status of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the judiciary. Features of local government in Ukraine. Foreign policy and international relations. Causes and typology of international conflicts. Ukraine in international relations.
Assessment methods and criteria: current control: oral questioning and presentations during seminars, writing abstracts (40%) final control (control measure – differentiated test): written and oral form (60%)
Recommended books: Politolohiya. Kn. persha: Polityka i suspil'stvo. Kn. druha: Derzhava i polityka // A. Kolodiy, L. Klymans'ka, Ya. Kosmyna, V. Kharchenko.– 2-e vyd., pererob. ta dop.–K.: El'ha, Nika – Tsentr, 2003.– 664 s. Politolohiya: Navch. posibnyk / O.O. Volynets' ta in. – Seriya "Dystantsiyne navchannya". – # 28. – L'viv: Vyd-vo Natsional'noho universytetu "L'vivs'ka politekhnika", 2005. – 360 s. Politolohiya: navchal'nyy posibnyk / M.A. Buchyn, O.O. Volynets', M.P. Het'manchuk ta in.; Za zah. red. M.P. Het'manchuka. – L'viv: NTSh, 2010. – 232 s. Politolohiya: navchal'nyy posibnyk / M.P. Het'manchuk, V.K. Hryshchuk, Ya.B. Turchyn ta in.; Za zah. red. M.P. Het'manchuka. – K.: Znannya, 2011. – 415 s. Slovnyk-dovidnyk politolohichnykh terminiv / [Buchyn M.A., Volynets' O.O., Voloshchuk S.M. ta in.]. / Za red. M. Het'manchuka, P. Tkachuka. – L'viv: Viys'kovyy instytut Natsional'noho universytetu «L'vivs'ka politekhnika», 2006. – 228 s. Shlyakhtun P.P. Politolohiya (teoriya ta istoriya politychnoyi nauky): pidruchnyk P.P. Shlyakhtun. – K.: Lybid', 2002. – 576 s.