Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.00.O.104
Credits: 6.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: PhD, Associate Professor, Andrushko Yaryna
Semester: 4 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - know the psychophysiological mechanisms and patterns of mental phenomena; - know the principles of brain structures to ensure the viability of the organism, control of somatic and autonomic reactions and the formation of unconditional behavioral acts of animals and humans; - neurophysiological features of brain activity and their influence on the course of mental processes; - the importance of the cortex of the major hemispheres and basal ganglia in ensuring higher mental functions of man, such as thinking, attention, memory and speech; - neurophysiological features of mental functions due to gender, age and personality traits, etc.
Required prior and related subjects: General psychology, Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system, Personality psychology, Comparative psychology and psychophysiology.
Summary of the subject: Genetic roots of psyche and behavior. Neurophysiological and cognitive development of man. Psychophysiology of mental processes. Psychophysiological characteristics of the activity and functional states of the organism.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral examination, rapid testing, quality of written practical tasks; • final control (credit): based on current scores on a 100-point scale.
Recommended books: 1. Legendzevich G. Ya. Comparative psychology and psychophysiology: textbook. manual / G. Ya. Legendzevich, G. M. Zakalik. - Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University Publishing House, 2021. - 220 p. 2. Kiziminko L.D., Snyadanko II Fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology: theoretical and practical course: Textbook. - Lviv: Lviv Polytechnic National University Publishing House, 2009. - 248 p. 3. Makarchuk, M. Yu., Kutsenko, TV, Kravchenko VI, Danilov SA Psychophysiology: a textbook / M. Yu. Makarchuk, TV Kutsenko, VI Kravchenko, SA Danilov - K .: LLC "Interservice", 2011. - 329 p. 4. Kokun O.M. Psychophysiology. Tutorial. - K: Center for Educational Literature, 2006. - 184 p. 5. Lisovenko A.F., Bedan V.B. Psychophysiology: workshop (for independent training of applicants for higher education at the Faculty of Psychology, Political Science and Sociology) / A.F. Lisovenko, VB Bedan. - Odessa: Phoenix, 2021. - 75 p.