Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.01.E.84
Credits: 4.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Savka Iryna
Semester: 5 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: - to know an aim, task, base categories, stages andindustries of development and application, value of psychodiagnostics, feature of construction and methods oftreatment of results of psychodiagnostic inspection, professionally-ethic norms of activity of psychodiagnostician; - able to organize the process of psychodiagnostic inspection, apply concrete psychodiagnostic methodologiesin the different spheres of psychological practice, to processand to interpret the results of methodologies, formulatescientifically-reasonable conclusions on their basis.
Required prior and related subjects: - Personality Psychology; - Social Psychology.
Summary of the subject: Psychodiagnostic inspection and research: aim, task, stages. Methods of psychological diagnostics. Apsychometry is in the structure of methodspsychodiagnostics. Methodological and methodical aspects ofdiagnostics of intellect. Personality as object of psychodiagnosticsresearch. Projective diagnostics: essence, features, classification of methodologies. Psychodiagnosticsof interpersonality relations. Diagnostics ofpsychical development. A psychodiagnostics is in activity ofschool psychologist.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current control (40 % ): verbal questioning, writing reportsfrom practical works; - final control (60 %, examination).
Recommended books: 1. Акимова М.К.Психологическая диагностика: [текст] / М.К.Акимова, К.М.Гуревич. – СПб.: Питер, 2008. – 652 с. 2. Анастази А., Урбина С. Психологическоетестирование / А. Анастази, С.Урбина/ под ред. К.М.Гуревича, В.И.Лубовского. - СПб.: Питер, 2009. - 688 с. 3. Галян І.М. Психодіагностика /І.М.Галян. – К.: Академвидав, 2009.- 464 с. 4. Корольчук М.С., Осьодло В.І. Психодіагностика: навч.посіб./ М.С.Корольчук, В.І.Осьодло. – К.: «Ельга», «Ніка-центр», 2004. – 399 с. 5. Скребець В.О. Основи психодіагностики: навч.посіб./ В.О.Скребець. – К.: Слово, 2003. – 192 с.