Basics of Organizational Coaching

Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.02.E.96
Credits: 4.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Martsinyak-Dorosh Oksana
Semester: 6 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • know the state of development and current trends psychological services of various social institutions; directions and professional activities of psychologist; requirements for individual and professional activities of psychologist; • be able to plan their own professional activity; solve practical problems in professional activity; use the knowledge from different disciplines to carry out prevention, diagnostic, psycho-component professional activity; work with literary sources speak of reports demonstrating knowledge gained in lectures and during self-training, participate in discussions.
Required prior and related subjects: - Theoretical and practical aspects of organizations and personnel; - Psychology of Management.
Summary of the subject: Psychological service in education. The structure, purpose and objectives of psychological services in Ukraine. Main activities psychologists various social institutions. Code of Ethics of the psychologist. Tasks feature Psychologist. Psychological Health Service. Psychological service in the uniformed services. The functioning of psychological services in the internal affairs. Psychological service centers of social - psychological assistance. Psychological Service in the economic sphere. Psychological vocational guidance centers.
Assessment methods and criteria: - current control (40%): written reports of practical work, oral questioning; - final evaluation (60% of test): the maximum score - 100 points.
Recommended books: 1. Власова О.І. Педагогічна психологія: Навч.посібник – К.: Либідь, 2005. – 400с. 2. Дуткевич Т.В. Савицька С.В. Практична психологія: Вступ у спеціальність. Навчальний посібник. – К.: Центр учбової літератури, 2007. – 256 с. 3. Шейнис М.Ю. Рабочая книга психолога организации. – Самара: Изд.дом.» Бахрах- М», 2001. – 224с. 4. Романова Н.Ф. Психологічні служби системи освіти в Україні: перспектива та особливості розвитку // Соціальна робота в Україні: теорія і практика, № 3, 2008. – С. 94-102. 5. Панок В.Г. Концепція національної соціально – психологічної служби // Педагогіка і психологія. – 1994. - №2. – С.3-10.