Psychodiagnostics of Organization Personnel

Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.02.E.97
Credits: 4.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor Khagoratova Nigora
Semester: 6 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • To form the skills to use the basic methods of diagnostics and forecasting of professional suitability. • Learn the techniques of professiographic and learn how to prepare a job description and psychogramm different specialties. • Learn on the basis of the studied theoretical and practical material to draw conclusions about the compliance of individual psychological characteristics of personality requirements of a particular profession. • Be able to analyze theoretical knowledge and to apply them in practice.
Required prior and related subjects: • General psychology, • Developmental psychology, • Psychology of personality • Social psychology.
Summary of the subject: To reveal General regularities and to form students ' theoretical understanding of the respective compliance of individual qualities of the future professional to requirements imposed by a certain profession and familiarize students with technology for career guidance and principles of psychological screening and selection of candidates for vacant positions, and to form them with min- tion and skills of practical use of modern methods of psychology.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral examination, rapid testing, quality of written practical tasks; • final control: based on current estimates a 100-point scale.
Recommended books: 1. Корольчук М.С. Психофізіологія діяльності. – К.: Ніка-Центр, 2004. – 310 с. 2. Корольчук М.С., Крайнюк В.М., Косенко А.Ф., Кочергіна Т.І. Психологічне забезпечення психічного і фізичного здоров'я: Навчальний посібник / За заг. ред. M.X. Корольчука. – К.: ІН-КОС, 2002. – 272 с. 3. Макаренко Н.В. Теоретические основы профессионального психологического отбора воен-ных специалистов. – К.: МОУ, 1996. – 336 с. 4. Макаренко Н.В. Психофизиологический отбор военных операторов. – К.: МОУ,1997. – 560 с. 5. Психологическое сопровождение выбора профессии. Научно-методическое пособие / Под ред. Л.М. Митиной. – М.: Флинт, 1998.