Special Psychology

Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.01.E.90
Credits: 4.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: assistant Tkach Khrystyna
Semester: 7 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • Know the theoretical bases of special psychology, general laws of mental development, mental development at different types dyzontohenezu (psyhofiziolohichnitapsyhichniosoblyvosti); methods and means of diagnosis of psychological development (vision, hearing, intelligence, speech, locomotor apparatus), means of psychological correction of deficiencies, psychological study of the effectiveness of correctional education and social inclusion of persons with disabilities and development, psychological correction manifestations of exclusion. • Be able to conduct psycho, psycho, psychotherapy and psyhoreabilitatsiynu work with children (adults) who have difficulties in development; apply the role and business games, psycho exercises, interactive work in groups, to provide support in the education, employment, leisure. • be aware Ave okompensatorni mechanisms of the human body, special techniques (surgery, prosthesis, psychotherapy, physical therapy, hippotherapy, pratseterapiyait.d.) And komensatorni techniques (Braille, sign language, alphabet daktilno, icons), the organization of psychological support to people with features development of counseling and psychological support, simulate experimental situation activitiesand of providing psychological assistance to persons with sensory impairments (vision, hearing), disorders of the musculoskeletal system, mental retardation, speech, behavior, combined disturbances in development; psychological and pedagogical problems differentiated and integrated workshop, inclusive education.
Required prior and related subjects: - Defectology; - Basics pathopsychology; - Fundamentals of Clinical Psychology; - Workshop on psychological counseling; - Workshop on psychotherapy; - Applied Psychology (psychological foundations of practice); - Psychoprophylaxis and correction of deviant behavior.
Summary of the subject: Introduction to a special psychology. Recent special problems of modern psychology. The history of special psychology. The concept of standards in development. Dynamics of mental development in a disabled function. The main stages of the study of people with disabilities. Violation of mental sphere. The consequences of disruption of mental sphere of children with impaired psychophysical development and behavior. The development of people rejecting emotional and volitional behavior. Psycho-pedagogical characteristics of people with sensory impairments (vision, hearing). Psycho-pedagogical characteristics of individuals with speech disorders. Psycho-pedagogical characteristics of people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Psycho-pedagogical characteristics of persons with combined disorders. Psychological service institutions of various types. The algorithm of the PMPC, MSEK. Psycho-pedagogical problems differentiated, integrated and inclusive education. Features of psychological service institutions of various types. Personality professionals compensatory institutions. Applied Psychology special problems.
Assessment methods and criteria: • oral rapid testing, the quality of performance of practical tasks; • final control: differential settlement on the basis of current points on the 100-point scale.
Recommended books: 1. Михаленкова И.А. Практикум по психологии детей с нарушением слуха – СПб.: Речь, 2006 . – 96 с. 2. Неретина Т.Г. Спеціальна педагогіка і корекційна психологія: навч.-метод. комплекс / Т. Г. Неретина. – М.: Флінта: МПСИ, 2008. – 376 с. 3. Понятійно-термінологічний словник / Під ред. Бондаря В. І. – Луганськ, 2004. – 400 с. 4. Синьова Є.П. Тифлопсихологія. – К.: ВО УФЦ- БФ „Візаві”, 2002. – 294 с. 5. Сорокин В. М., Кокоренко В.Л. Практикум по специальной психологии / Под науч. ред. Л. М. Шипициной. – СПб.: Речь, 2003. – 122 с. 6. Сорокин В. М. Специальная психология / Под научн. ред. Л.М. Шипицьшой. – СПб.: „Речь”, 2003. – 216 с. 7. Стадненко Н. М., Матвєєва М. П. , Обухівська А. Г. Нариси з олігофренопсихології / За загальною редакцією Н.М. Стадненко. Камянець-Подільський державний унверситет: інформаційно-видавничий відділ, 2002. – 200 с. 8. Специальная психология: учебник для студ. вьісш. учебн. заведений / В. И. Лубовский, В. Г. Петрова, Т. В. Розанова и др. под ред. В. И. Лубовского. – 6–е изд., испр. и доп. – М.: Издательский центр «Академия», 2009. – 560 с.