Defence of Bachelor’s Thesis

Major: Psychology
Code of subject: 6.053.00.O.81
Credits: 3.00
Department: Theoretical and Applied Psychology
Lecturer: Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Oksana Voitsekhovska
Semester: 8 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Knowledge and understanding of the subject area and the specifics of professional activity. Ability to analyze and synthesize information, events and facts based on the use of mental operations and forms of thinking. Ability to generate new ideas (creativity). Ability to operate with the categorical-conceptual apparatus of psychology. To substantiate one's own position, to make independent conclusions based on the results of one's own research and analysis of literary sources. Present the results of their own research orally / in writing to professionals and non-specialists. To offer own ways of solving psychological problems and problems in the process of professional activity, to make and argue own decisions on their solution.
Required prior and related subjects: General Psychology Foreign language for professional purposes Fundamentals of computer science and computer engineering Mathematical methods in psychology Psychodiagnostics Experimental psychology social Psychology Fundamentals of psychological counseling and psychocorrection Pathopsychology Clinical psychology Psychological counseling in various areas
Summary of the subject: Preparation of bachelor's thesis for defense and its organization. General criteria for evaluating a bachelor's thesis. Writing a report and presentation for the thesis. Mental processes, mental properties, mental states, mental formations. Psychology of personality from birth to death. Psychology of personality. Social psychology of groups and collectives, psychology of communication. Theory and practice of practical psychological activity. Theory and practice of psychodiagnostics. Theory and practice of psychotherapy.
Assessment methods and criteria: • Final control, a 100-point scale
Recommended books: 1. Васьківська С.В. Основи психологічного консультування: Навч. посібник / С.В. Васьківська. – К.: Четверта хвиля, 2004. – 256с. 2. Моргун В.Ф., Тітов І.Г. Основи психологічної діагностики. Навч.пос. для студ. вищ. навч. Закл. / В.Ф. Моргун, І.Т. Тітов. – К.: Видавничий Дім "Слово", 2009. – 464с. 3. Орбан-Лембрик Л.Е. Соціальна психологія: Посібник / Л.Е. Орбан-Лембрик. – К.: Академвидав, 2003. – 448 с. 4. Кловак Г. Методика підготовки і захист дипломних робіт: навч.-метод. посіб. / Г. Кловак. – К. : Науковий Світ, 2002. – 84 с. 5. Про вищу освіту: Закон України від 01.07.2014 № 1556-VII . – Режим доступу: http: // www. 6. Проосвіту: ЗаконУкраїнивід05.09.2017 №2145-URL: http:VIII. – Режим доступу: 7. Цехмістрова Г. С. Основи наукових досліджень. Навчальнийпосібник / Цехмістрова Г. С – : Видавничий Дім «Слово», 2004. –240 с 8. Яценко Т.С. Психологічні основи групової психокорекції: Навч. посібник. – К.: Либідь, 1996. – 264с.