Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language: Quality Monitoring and Testing

Major: Educational, Pedagogical Sciences
Code of subject: 7.011.01.E.042
Credits: 6.00
Department: Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education
Lecturer: Ilchyshyn Nataliia Myronivna
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • To know the basic positions and categories of teaching methods of foreign languages, the history of teaching methods of foreign languages; • to know the theory of formation of speaking skills; the peculiarities of planning and organizing the teaching and learning process of teaching foreign languages; • be able to determine the goals, content, methods, principles and methods of teaching foreign languages depending on the type of educational institution; to plan and organize the educational teaching a foreign language process in the classes; • Ability to select and use exercises to create communicative competences for pupils or students.
Required prior and related subjects: •Foreign Language; • General pedagogy.
Summary of the subject: Theoretical base of teaching methods of a foreign language. Levels of command of a foreign language. Communicative skills. Components of linguistic competence. Linguopsychological features of language learning. Providing the organization of the foreign language learning process. Typology of exercises for learning a foreign language. Typology of foreign language classes.
Assessment methods and criteria: • current control: practical work, oral questioning (40%); • final control (60% control measure, exam).
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