Internet Technologies in Education

Major: Educational, Pedagogical Sciences
Code of subject: 7.011.01.M.021
Credits: 5.00
Department: Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education
Lecturer: PhD, Stechkevich Oleg Orestovich
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • To know the classification of Internet services and their application in the activities of the teacher; • Information competence in the context of the use of modern information and communication technologies to provide an effective and effective educational process; • be able to register on various Internet services; • Ability to create, edit and administer content;
Required prior and related subjects: • Fundamentals of distance learning teacher activities, • Pedagogical bases of design and support of a distance course
Summary of the subject: Internet services (technology Web 2.0). Virtual board services. Services for the processing of mental maps. Tools for working with time tapes, word clouds and infographics. Collaborate Online Service (Google Drive). Online presentation services, slideshows and network publications. Services for creating educational cards, didactic games, interactive exercises. Video capture services and online tutorials.
Assessment methods and criteria: • practical work, oral questioning (40%) • final control (60%)
Recommended books: Badanov AG Web services for education [Electronic resource] / AG Badanov. - Mode of access to Art. : https: // Bukach Antonina. Electronic educational resource "About Google services". –Https:// Busen T. Supermyshlenie / T. Busen; lane. from English EA Samsonov. - 2nd ed. - Мн. : Попурри, 2003. - 304 с. Kalinina LM, Noskova MV Google services for teachers. The first steps of a beginner / L.M. Kalinin, MV Noskova: Textbook. - Lviv, ZUKC, 2013. - 182p .: ill. Khachatryan S. Knowledge maps, their purpose, knowledge map editor [Electronic resource]. - Access mode: Khmil NA Virtual interactive boards and their use in the educational process: Methodical recommendations / NA Khmil, IV Morkvyan, TV Otroshko. - H.: FOP Panov AM, 2015. - 74 p.