Professional and Pedagogical Mobility of the Teacher

Major: Educational, Pedagogical Sciences
Code of subject: 7.011.01.M.023
Credits: 5.00
Department: Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education
Lecturer: Iyevlyev Oleksandr
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: • to know the essence of the concept of "vocational and pedagogical mobility", the competence (competence), which determine it, • be able to use didactic principles / approaches / innovative technologies for the formation of the teacher's professional and pedagogical mobility; • the ability to detect vocational and pedagogical mobility in professional (pedagogical) activity.
Required prior and related subjects: Foundations of Psychology and Pedagogy
Summary of the subject: Professional-pedagogical mobility as the basis for a successful professional activity of a teacher in the conditions of the information society of society and crisis phenomena in the economy. Professional qualification of a pedagogical worker. Competence that determines the teacher's professional and pedagogical mobility. Formation of a higher education institution graduate of vocational and pedagogical mobility with the use of modern innovative technologies.
Assessment methods and criteria: - observation of teaching and learning activities; - current control (frontal, individual, combined); - written control of knowledge and skills based on individual assignments, essays, presentations, tests.
Recommended books: 1. Pro vyshhu osvitu: Zakon Ukrajiny vid 01.07.2014 # 1556-VII [Elektronnyj resurs] // Vidomosti Verkhovnoji Rady (VVR), 2014, # 37-38, st.2004) - Rezhym dostupu : 2. Pro osvitu: Zakon Ukrajiny vid 05 veresnja 2017 r. # 2145-19 [Elektronnyj resurs] // Vidomosti Verkhovnoji Rady (VVR), 2017, # 38-39, st. 380. - Rezhym dostupu : 3. Ivanchenko Je. A. Profesijna mobiljnistj majbutnikh fakhivciv : [navchaljno-metodychnyj posibnyk] / Je. A. Ivanchenko. - Odesa : SMYL, 2004. - 120 s. 4. Sushenceva L. L. Osnovy profesijnoji mobiljnosti : navchaljno-metodychnyj posibnyk / Lilija Leonidivna Sushenceva ; Instytut PTO NAPN Ukrajiny. - Kryvyj Righ : Vydavnychyj dim, 2011. - 162 s.