Master’s Thesis Preparation

Major: Journalism
Code of subject: 7.061.01.O.20
Credits: 15.00
Department: Journalism and Mass Communication
Lecturer: Zoriana Haladzhun, Olena Kuznetsova, Iryna mudra, Mariana Kitsa, Olha Harmatii, Natalia Semen, Bozhena Ivanytska, Khrystyna Bilohrats
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Defense of master's qualification work
Required prior and related subjects: Theory and methods of journalistic creativity Journalistic skills Basics of the scientific research
Summary of the subject: Search and analysis of theoretical sources Conducting research on media materials Drawing conclusions Public protection
Assessment methods and criteria: The work is evaluated by the commission collectively (up to 100 points)
Recommended books: Methodical materials for writing a master's thesis