Regulaion of Public Services and Procedures

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.O.006
Credits: 3.00
Department: Administrative and Informational Law
Lecturer: Slyvka M.M.
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline «Regulation of public services and procedures» the student must demonstrate the following learning outcomes: LO 3. Collect, integrated analysis and generalization of materials from various sources, including scientific and professional literature, databases, digital, statistical, test and others, and verify their authenticity using modern research methods. LO 6. It is reasonable to formulate one's legal position, be able to oppose, evaluate evidence and present convincing arguments. LO 13. Analyze and evaluate the practice of applying certain legal institutions. LO 15. Have practical skills in solving problems related to the implementation of procedural functions of law enforcement agencies. LO17. Integrate the necessary knowledge and solve complex problems of law enforcement in various areas of professional activity. Kn1. Specialized conceptual knowledge, which includes modern scientific achievements in the field of professional activity or field of knowledge and is the basis for original thinking and research. Kn2. Critical understanding of problems in the field and on the border of the field of knowledge. С1. Unambiguous communication of one's own knowledge, conclusions and arguments to specialists and non-specialists, in particular, to students, is clear. AR2. Responsibility for contributing to professional knowledge and practice and / or evaluating the performance of teams and teams.
Required prior and related subjects: Administrative process Administrative Law Current issues of Administrative Law and procedure (case Law) Problems of Administrative Law
Summary of the subject: The concept of public services and their role in shaping the rule of law. State policy in the field of public services. Legal regulation of the functioning of a single state portal of administrative services. State and public control over the quality of public services. General characteristics and types of administrative procedures. Subjects of administrative procedures: concepts, features and types. Structure of administrative procedures. Legislative (rule-making) administrative procedures.
Assessment methods and criteria: Oral questioning in practical classes is evaluated; presentation at practical classes with an abstract, report, participation in a discussion, etc .; testing students' knowledge of the relevant topic of the course, individual tests. - Оral questioning, work in small groups, reports and research discussions, control measures - 90 points. - Students complete individual tasks - 10 points.
Recommended books: 1. Administrative law: textbook. manual // Bytyak Yu. P., Garashchuk V.M., Zuy V.V. Kharkiv: Law, 2020. 192 p. 2. Bytyak Y.P. Administrative law: textbook. Kharkiv: Pravo, 2020. 392 p. 3. Borodin I.L. Administrative law of Ukraine: textbook. Kyiv: Alerta, 2019. 548 p. 4. Galunko V.V., Pravotorova O. Administrative law of Ukraine. Full course. Kherson: Helveteka, 2020. 584 p. 5. On administrative services: Law of Ukraine № 5203-VI of September 6, 2012 (Revision of 01.07.2020). URL: 6. Sharaya A.A. Theory of principles of administrative-procedural law: monograph. Kherson: Helvetica, 2019. 400 p.