Actual Problems of Civil Law and Process (Judicial Practice)

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.O.005
Credits: 5.00
Department: Civil Law and Procedure
Lecturer: S. Vasyliv
Semester: 1 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the student must have the following professional competencies: the ability to conduct research and / or innovation; ability to make managerial and sound decisions in complex and unpredictable conditions; the ability to ensure law and order, security of the individual, society, state within the performance of their duties; the ability to identify and analyze the causes and conditions that contribute to the commission of civil law offenses (misdemeanors), to take measures to eliminate them; ability to organize and manage the activities of civil defense units; ability to carry out qualified research in the field of civil law; ability to clearly and persistently set professional tasks and organize subordinates to perform them, the ability to take responsibility for the results of the tasks; ability to give qualified legal opinions and consultations in the civil law sphere; the ability to choose the criteria, forms and nature of control in accordance with the object and objectives of control; ability to effectively carry out legal education; ability to carry out qualified research in the field of civil law. As a result of studying the discipline, the student must demonstrate the following skills: to have the skills of public speaking, discussion, conducting classes on civil law and process; to know and understand the processes of coordination of the activities of the subjects of public safety and order, as well as interaction with representatives of other executive bodies and local self-government, the public on civil law issues; organize and manage the activities of units that provide civil protection; to generalize practical results of work and to offer new decisions, to explain them with arguments; analyze the conditions and causes of civil offenses, identify ways to eliminate them; be able to ensure law and order, protection of the rights and interests of the individual, society, state with the use of optimized methods and means of ensuring public safety and order within the framework of their civil law duties; be able to develop and competently apply regulations of civil law, implement the rules of substantive and procedural law in professional activities; use knowledge and skills to provide qualified legal opinions and advice on civil law issues; to carry out research in the field of civil law; to carry out legal education; be able to definitely and persistently set professional tasks, organize subordinates to perform them and take responsibility for the results of the tasks; be able to choose the criteria, forms and nature of control in accordance with the object and objectives of control.
Required prior and related subjects: Civil law; Civil proceedings; Family law; Land law; Current issues of business law and process (case law); Procedural representation
Summary of the subject: The purpose of the discipline is to consolidate knowledge of basic principles, concepts and institutions of civil law and process, to determine the features of legal regulation of individual civil law institutions, to develop skills of processing normative material, to solve legal problems from the point of view of modern Ukrainian legislation. The objectives of the discipline are to form in students a system of scientific and theoretical knowledge on the problems of civil law and process, to identify and disclose the main problems of understanding its concepts, categories and institutions, areas of development and improvement of civil law in a market economy and rule of law. in legal practice, their presentation in the educational process
Assessment methods and criteria: Oral questioning in practical (seminar) classes is evaluated; presentation at practical (seminar) classes (with anabstract, report, discussion etc; testing students' knowledge of the relevant topic of the lecture course, solving practical problems, exercises, etc.); homework, exam.
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