Issues of Administrative Law

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.M.016
Credits: 5.00
Department: Administrative and Informational Law
Lecturer: Hulak L.S.
Semester: 2 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: As a result of studying the discipline, the student must be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: -evaluate the nature and nature of social processes and phenomena, and show understanding of the boundaries and mechanisms of their legal regulation; -collect, integrated analysis and generalization of materials from various sources, including scientific and professional literature, databases, digital, statistical, test and others, and check them for authenticity using modern research methods; -reasonably formulate their legal position, be able to oppose, evaluate evidence and provide convincing arguments; -discuss complex legal problems, propose and justify options for their solution; -analyze and evaluate the practice of applying individual legal institutions; -s substantiate the legal position at different stages of law enforcement; -have practical skills in solving problems related to the implementation of procedural functions of law enforcement agencies.
Required prior and related subjects: Previous disciplines: administrative law, administrative proceedings. Related disciplines: problems of administrative proceedings in Ukraine, consideration of certain categories of cases by administrative courts.
Summary of the subject: Actual problems of administrative law - an academic discipline, the task of which is an in-depth study of the essence and content of transformational processes taking place in public administration and include reforming the executive branch, local government, civil service, territorial organization of Ukraine on the basis of new management ideology and relations with civil society. It examines new views on the role, content and system of administrative law in a democratic state governed by the rule of law, the main directions of development and reform of administrative law.
Assessment methods and criteria: Oral questioning at seminars, presentation at meetings with individual research task (presentation, report), written test (answers to lecture questions, solving practical problems, etc.), group work at seminars - (60%); final control work - (40%)
Recommended books: 1. General administrative law: a textbook / IS Gritsenko, RS Melnik, AA Pukhtetskaya, etc .; for general ed. IS Gritsenko. K .: Jurinkom Inter. 2017. 568 p. 2. Kovalev MV, Yesimov SS, Ivakha VO, Gavriltsiv MT, Lukyanova G. Yu., Gurkovsky MP, Kisil RV Problems of organization and activities of local bodies of executive power and bodies of local self-government in Ukraine: textbook. manual. Lviv: Lviv Department of Internal Affairs. 2017. 553 p. 3. Ostapenko OI, Kovalev MV, Yesimov SS, Gulak LS, Otchak NY, Ostapenko LO Administrative law of Ukraine. General part: textbook. manual. Lviv: “Spolom”. 2019. 504 p. 4. Ostapenko OI, Kovalev MV, Yesimov SS, Gulak LS, Lukyanova G.Yu., Nikanorova OV, Tsvok MS Administrative law of Ukraine. The general part. The second edition, supplemented: textbook. manual. Lviv: “Spolom”. 2021. 616 p.