Advocacy of Foreign Countries

Major: Law
Code of subject: 7.081.01.E.029
Credits: 5.00
Department: Civil Law and Procedure
Lecturer: I. Lychenko
Semester: 3 семестр
Mode of study: денна
Learning outcomes: Know: legal principles of lawyers activity in foreign countries; the main regularities of the formation and development of legal support for the functioning of the law office in foreign countries; peculiarities of the interaction of the advocate with the bodies of public administration of foreign countries within the constitutional, criminal, administrative and other branches of law; actual theoretical problems of the functioning of the alt advertising in foreign countries. Be able to: apply legal concepts and categories that characterize advocacy in foreign countries; to interpret and correctly apply the legal norms of foreign countries that regulate the functioning of the advocacy in international practice; draft legal documents in international advocacy practice; carry out analytical work, independently work with educational and special literature.
Required prior and related subjects: Organization of a lawyer; Participation of a lawyer in international investment affairs.
Summary of the subject: The aim is to develop knowledge about lawyers in international practice and its place in the system of legal institutions of foreign countries, typology of advocates of the countries of the world, legal status of a lawyer, legal guarantees of its activities in foreign countries; acquiring practical skills in applying theoretical knowledge. The task is to study students of normative legal sources that regulate advocacy in foreign countries, the formation of skills in working with foreign legal acts, analysis of various legal phenomena, legal facts, legal norms and legal relations, which is the subject of professional activity of a lawyer in foreign countries .
Assessment methods and criteria: Validated oral interviews at practical (seminar) classes; Speech on practical (seminar) classes (with essay, report, discussion, etc., written control work (answers to questions of a lecture course, solving practical tasks, exercises, etc.), protection of individual tasks, homework assignment.
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